What are Low and High E2 Symptoms?

I know for a fact this has been covered because I’ve read it here on this very forum! For the life of me I can’t find it! Please forgive me for asking, I promise I tried.

Losing an erection randomly… is that low or high?

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Could be either.

When I have too low e2, I get emotionally blunted. Don’t wanna hold hand w gf, don’t feel emotions, etc.

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I member reading on here one or the other was usually associated with losing an erection and the other was more so not being able to achieve an erection. I could be imagining things… maybe that’s why o can’t find it again.

Low is headaches, joint pain, trouble sleeping, no sex drive.

High is increased water retention (I can tell if my E2 is high by looking at the veins in my feet, if I can’t see them as usual, my E is high), sleepiness, foggy, no sex drive or if you see a disney commercial and start crying, these are all signs it is high.


Not even being able to get it up is usually a low e2 symptoms. Dead dick.

Can get a boner, but it goes away or takes FOREVER to ejaculate. High E2.

“Generally speaking”

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thanks man!

I am pretty well versed in my bodies signs.

If I have ZERO libido, and my dick feels dead, like literally there is no blood to it almost, then its low e2 for sure.

If I still have decent libido, but its going soft, or taking FOREVER, I know i’m a little high.

Nipple itchiness is only High e2 though.

Joint pain is specifically low e2.

I’m learning what mine likes and dislikes right now. On paper my E2 is probably not as high as most would want it on a TRT dose but for some reason I feel better with it even lower, like really low. I recently lowered my test dose by 50mg/wk so now I’m feeling it out. I was using a little arimidex after injection and was liking it for the most part and haven’t used it since I lowered the dose thinking I might not need it.

Arimidex is poison.

It fucks your lipids and your serotonin production. Fuck that stuff

Well then. Guess I need to find something else. Doctor didn’t prescribe this, I procured it. TRT is doctor prescribed though.

This also catches my eye. I’ve been on lexipro for about 6 months now due to some really crappy life stuff and having anxiety attacks. I think I’m ready to come off now though, on day 2 of no meds but it has really screwed my sex life up and who knows what else. I just hope it returns.

Arimidex is poison.

It fucks your lipids and your serotonin production. Fuck that stuff

Thats not the arimidex it is that you dropped your E2 too low.

Nah bro. We had/have a well respected endocrinologist/bodybuilder (fucking yoked), @physioLojik , who posts here who is adamant about how bad the stuff is for you.

Basically this board use to push AI’s on people WITH their starting protocol. It was total bullshit and lots of people got hurt chasing a “22” bullshit e2 number.

When you get a second, look through his posts. One called “for all you preachers” I think. Very informative.

Again. Arimidex is poison, regardless of whether it tanks your e2 or not.

Not sure where you are getting your information, but we have clients that have been on anastrozole for 10 years and their numbers are absolutely perfect.

Testosterone and estradiol are both essential in managing blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

What you are describing is very common and we have seen it hundreds of times on men who crashed their E2. So again, it has nothing to do with the anastrozole, it is just about titrating the dosage correctly.

Endogenous estrogens, lipoproteins, and glucose metabolism. There is now compelling evidence that endogenous production of estrogens in men plays an important role in cardiovascular health and disease. Physiological levels of estrogen have been reported to play a role in influencing plasma lipoprotein concentrations in men. When selective estrogen deficiency was induced in young men by administration of combined drug therapy with a GnRH antagonist (to suppress endogenous steroid hormones), testosterone (to restore testosterone levels to baseline), and testolactone (an aromatase inhibitor that prevents conversion of testosterone to estrogens), plasma high density lipoprotein (HDL) and apolipoprotein A-1 decreased, while plasma low density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglyceride levels did not change (7). Shono et al. (8) investigated the relationships of plasma sex hormones to lipid and glucose metabolism in a cross-sectional study on 212 apparently healthy men ranging in age from 18 to 59 yr. They showed that the estradiol level was negatively related to both LDL cholesterol and fasting blood glucose, suggesting that the levels of estradiol within the physiological range for healthy men may help maintain a desirable profile of lipid and glucose metabolism

Cardiovascular Actions of Estrogens in Men

Which one does numb dick and taking forever to get done fall under? Both potentially?

You have to match multiple symptoms.

If I am a little emo, and my dick aint working, its probably high.

If im emotionless, and its not working. its probably low.


We can agree to disagree. I trust Physio’s word.

It wont change my mind about arimidex though.

Just checking. I had it measured a few weeks back and it was on the low end (13 or 15 I believe?) but was just curious what other people feel. I’ve had the no emotion / numb dick / difficulty finishing a lot of the time for a while now.

are you taking something to lower e2?

Nope. Naturally have low free T and super high shbg (pre trt) and average or a little above average TT.

I’m just getting started on trt in hopes of increasing mine. I think I will feel better with it up a little bit. I’m sure more free T won’t hurt either.