What Are Kelso Rows?

The hell are these? i’ve read on other sites like sherdog that they are sweet and i have no idea what they are? can someone explain or post a pic? thanx

A bent-over shrug, as far as I can tell from the descriptions I found via a search engine. A scapular retraction exercise?

ok, sounds like something ill never do…thanx

You might want to keep them in mind just in case you ever need to stabilize your scapulae, like if you build your chest and want to maintain a decent balance between your chest and back. Otherwise some serious problems can develope in the rotator cuff and head of the humerous.

They’re not much to talk about!

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Here’s a useful quote:

“Kelso Shrugs - A training principle for developing the entire shoulder girdle through variations of adduction and retraction of the scapulae.”

(Taken from the glossary in Kelso’s Shrug Book, p92.)

I thought it had something to do with that guy from That 70’s Show…Thank God for Tnation.

that whole book actually is a good reference on getting you big fairly quickly…