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What are isoflavones?

Can someone tell me here or do I have to search? I know soy sucks because of some kind of isoflavone in it. There are good isoflavones right? What do they do?

Drax my man, try reading up on Methoxy-7 (Biotest’s supplement).

Flavones are various types of phytochemicals (compounds from plants). There are many different types of flavones and flavanoids from many different types of plants and all have slightly different effect on body. Most have anti-oxidant properties among other effects on body. Some can imatate hormones or have a hormone like effect such as soy isoflavones have estrogenic effect. Methoxy is a different flavone with protein synthesis effect.

Obviously, no one knows really what isoflavones are on this forum. Somebody speak up. HEB told us what they are in laymens terms(not that theres anything wrong with that) But somebody tell us what they are. And I,ve already read the entire Testosterone previous issues, so dont tell us to do that.