What are Health Effects of Being Very Underweight?

Can anybody enlighten me as to what the side effects of being really underweight are? I am about 6 ft and 120 lbs. Very skinny and almost frail looking. I “function” day to day “well enough” but am not consuming enough calories for someone my weight. In late 20’s and often complain about feeling “old” or middle aged, (I guess I am now?).

Will I feel rejuvenated or some shit if I up my calories and work out?

It would have a tremendous effects on your energy levels, tissue regeneration, joint health and hormone profile.

Almost frail looking? Anyway, to answer your question: the health effects are zero; you’re already dead. Keep posting though, I want to make zombie shaming a thing.

If we’re riffing on it :

“Someone might pick you up and try to sharpen you like a pencil.”.

I hope this is helpful and relevant, even it feels like coming from the opposite direction.These are observations from getting to what I feel is underweight for myself.

I went from 260 to 220 in the last year. I’m 6’3.

1.) Cold all the time. I want my viking blood back.
2.) Lifts in the gym went down, but bodyweight stuff has been easier. My niece taught me how to cartweels.
3.) I’ve been gravitating to more carbs as it happened, normally I am low carb (other than veggies and fruit).
4.) Sleep feels worse.
5.) I’m becoming very aware of my bones when I’m in a chair, having sex, hitting a doorframe by accident, the kids roughousing - it feels wierd. The centers used to feel encouraged, but now it’s the edges.
6.) Bulking is much harder than I remember it. But thats the point.

Anyway, to sum it up, I’m 100 lbs more than you, and don’t like it, but everyone needs to get to their happy place. I would unequivocally say that eating more and working out more would make you feel better, even if it’s tough starting.

It’s worth it.

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You just gave advice to a troll.

I reply to you.

Also maybe someone out there is reading and the info could be relevant to them.

Workout and eat

And don’t be afraid of red meat

But I have personality.

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His first post an hour after joining is to ask a ridiculous question about diet and exercise in the Off Topic subforum? How are diet and exercise off topic? These trolls aren’t even trying anymore.

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Do you have a medical condition?