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What are Guys Looking for In a Girl?


It’s expensive and the taxes are absurd. If you intend to get ahead in life, it’s not the place to start or live. Too many freeloaders and socialists with their hands out. No logical person would start or continue a business in NYC unless it is impossible to have that business somewhere else.


You live here?

I work in Manhattan, and find that with the right background and work ethic the potential for growth is worth the high cost of living. She’s 17, by the time she graduates college she’ll have friends who would want to room together and go out often. This is something which I found to be a pretty interesting experience.

As for the socialists part, if she goes anywhere outside of the north east she’ll deal with bible fearing extremists. See, anywhere she goes she’ll have to deal with the politics that favor that area, NY is just somewhere where she’ll have a much more diverse group of people with their own beliefs. It’s also a place where you can just say “fuck it” and ignore it. I’ve been here my whole life and have pretty much never been bothered by anyone’s beliefs. NY is too busy of a place to worry about that crap.


@AOC. That is all I will say. I live here. Save me from the taxes! They take more and more money out of my summer job paychecks each year…


On and off, yes. Crown Heights, mainly. But also mid-town. Watched the World Trade Center come down from my office window and ended up sheltering people in our office.

. . .the right background and work ethic the potential for growth is worth the high cost of living. . . . ]

There is far more opportunity elsewhere. It’s just math. The taxes are just stupid.

Oh, noes! Nazarines! I’m a black suited Orthdox Jew from Israel. All my liberal friends told me they would be horrible and burn crosses in my yard. My experience with Nazarines is they are a pretty good group of people, probably better than average.

Unlike NYC, where it is sport among certain of your diverse groups to spit at, hit, and beat Jewish people who are caught alone.



Luckily, my parents still own a small midtown apartment, so I won’t have to deal with the exorbitant housing costs. I’m pretty worried about taxes though.
How stressful is it?


I don’t personally know anyone who complains or is worried about it. I lived in Queens until my mother got sick and we moved to Jersey City to be closer to our family. This made it easier to have someone be there for her if she needed help. But when we did live there, taxes never really crossed our mind. Even now, I just don’t worry about it. Yeah, it’s more than other places but you have so many opportunities for work and life experiences.

My GF lives in Hell’s Kitchen and I’ve never heard her complain about the taxes, but I have heard her flat out shoot down any idea of moving away from the city. The reason I keep hearing from my friends who moved out of the city is the size of the apartments. They wanted more space.


Wtf… Damn, if you experienced that I feel sorry for you. I can see why you would be so turned off from NYC. That’s awful. I’m Hispanic and I’ve never experienced any sort of racism and bigotry in the city area. When going to PA I would get the occasional weird look but that’s been the worse. I guess I’ve been lucky.


Since you will be supported by your parents (who are taxed elsewhere, presumably at sane levels), being a student will be fine.

When working there, to answer your question about stress, take out 65% of your money, in cash. Now catch the cash on fire. Watch it burn. If that experience is stressful, then, yes, the taxes will be stressful.







Look in some Hispanic publications, you’ll see the same stuff. Same for Black publications, Irish publications, Redhead publications, people with limps publications etc etc


That’s awesome, I was just saying the other day man I wish there was a vagina here to play with. Glad to know there’s still some out there connected to chill women




I would appreciate it if you did not refer to me as “a vagina”


I promise I won’t take the troll bait and derail your thread again, Anna.


I always refer to my husband as “the penis I have under contract.”


Are there hand towel and egg shell clauses written into that contract?


We have not reached consensus on those issues. I suppose that the victor, once one is established, will write the pertinent clauses.


Well, if nothing else, this post singled out all of the bottomfeeders hiding in the forums. Guess I’ll keep some mental tab on that one.

Regarding taxes, assuming you mean in general, and not localized to your living area… I just got an $800 bonus at work, and got taxed so hard I literally didnt get paid for the week. So its basically that, but everyday, over and over, for every aspect of your life. Made more money this year because of overtime? Hit a different tax bracket, made the same money. Got a raise? Good job, kiss that extra $100 a week goodbye, but hey, you might get an extra $100 for your tax returns total. Got a 1099 job, cool, you can illegally avoid taxes until they catch you, then they hit you for 10x the amount, and take your truck.

But you cant really do anything about it, so… buckle up.