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What are Guys Looking for In a Girl?


In the UK/Australia, it’s a pretty diverse term, and doesn’t always refer to women - that’s usually for incels and socially inadequate losers who run halfway across the world to find a woman who can’t stand up for themselves.


I’m glad that you’re happy, but the differences in the characteristics we find to be most important tells me a lot. Yeah, we’re not going to find a lot of common ground.


In the U.S. it’s pretty much the most vulgar insult you can give a woman, an expression of complete contempt and disrespect. I think that’s the usage he was going for…


Whereas here in Scotland it serves as both brutal insult and term of endearment.

For example: I’m going for a drink with a couple of cunts from my work later, want to come with?

Americans aren’t good at saying cunt. I don’t know why; it just doesn’t sound right coming from an American. Brits and Aussies do it best, but Americans make up for it by being able to use motherfucker. No other nationality can use motherfucker like Americans do.


Yes, evacuating thousands of Filipinos from Olongapo and surrounding cities when Mt Pinatubo erupted in 1991 was quite the holiday, as was the months spent in the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. liberating Kuwait. Good times…


I’d look for a different travel agent.


Yeah, the price was right, but the accommodations sucked.


My wife and I watched the Inbetweeners and it was used rather indiscriminately but neither my wife or I are easily offended and understood the cultural use of the word differs - I use it quite a bit tbh


Begbie in Trainspotting is the most accurate representation of how people in Scotland use it.


Between you and me, I’ve never seen that movie … but I think I get what you mean





brofist to mozzer, you made me laugh


If Victor or Jack (Still Game) don’t use it then its not legit.

Also, The Sopranos used ‘cunty’ beautifully. I find it funny how on the quote site you cant say fuck but cunty is fine.

Christopher Moltisanti:
[raises glass] To business.

Paulie Walnuts:
You’re goin’ to jinx me? Toast with water?

Christopher Moltisanti:
Club soda. What’s your problem?

Paulie Walnuts:
You got the problem, my friend. You’re a real f***in’ drip lately.

Christopher Moltisanti:
When I was usin’, I was a disgrace; now I’m sober, and I’m a drip. The f*** you want from me?

Paulie Walnuts:
How’s about bein’ normal? That so f***in’ hard?

Christopher Moltisanti:
Actually, yeah, Paulie, for some of us it is.

Paulie Walnuts:
Don’t get cunty, I’m breakin’ your balls… What do ya say we take a ride? A little prime rib, on me.

Christopher Moltisanti:
Maybe next time.

Paulie Walnuts:
What are you watchin’ your cholesterol now too?

Christopher Moltisanti:
Yeah. F***in’ hilarious. [gets up and leaves]


Such a great show


Agreed. Don’t forget Pine Barrens :smile:

Paulie- "At least we know what direction we’re headed

Chris-"Yeah but we’re still fuckin’ lost

Paulie- "We’re not lost. Stop gettin’ cunty


*I have to agree with this. You would have to have good connections among certain organized gangs who run the prostitution rings to be able to find underaged girls. Majority of the girls in these karaoke bars are freelancers. The media is very inaccurate when it comes to reporting on the commercial sex industry in Asia.

But I also think you’re an INCEL and you should probably leave Asian girls alone.

*This is common knowledge if you are streetwise and live in Asia. Don’t be a bunch of cunts and assume I’ve sourced the service of underaged girls lol.


Same here.


I could definitely be wrong about Thailand. I didn’t spend as much time there as the Philippines, though. I know my acquaintance was definitely into underage girls, though. Maybe he spent money with those organized gangs, he certainly had the money to.

I’m definitely not wrong about the Philippines, though. I also have 3 half-Filipino stepkids, and a lot of extended family with the ex-semi-inlaws. (In an unusual twist to the way you usually see things in the U.S., my ex is white, and was previously married to a Filipino guy. Very large extended family). I know how some Asian women can appear deceptively young to westerners, and I know what a child looks like.


I dunno if I told you this story, but I was in a bar in Thailand with a mate of mine and some of the local prostitutes (who were all absolutely gorgeous, by the way) came over to talk to us. They were all “hey you big strong men from Scotland, you like us?” but we were politely declining their services, until one said “you want to play Connect 4?” and we figured where’s the harm in that?

So we’re playing these pro’s at Connect 4 and getting our asses kicked every time. Who knew Thai prostitutes played such good Connect 4? Anyway, the rule was if we lost we had to buy them a drink which seemed fair. My mate got his ass handed to him by one of the chicks and so asked her what she wanted to drink. She looked him dead in the eye, and, without the slightest hint of irony, said “sperm.

It was the funniest fucking thing I have ever heard in my life. To this day when I’m drinking with him and he asks what I’d like to drink I always reply “sperm.


The Philippines is definitely more messy when it comes to the sex trade. However, you don’t just see underaged girls walking around in random clubs. You should know this sort of thing is taboo even with people who frequent sex outlets. How long ago were you living there?