What are good fish choices?

I’m so sick of chicken as a source of lean protein so i’ve decided to eat fish.
i’m not a big fan of the fishy tasting kinds.
i just tried some talapia and was very pleased with it’s taste.
you guys have anyother suggestions?

I like orange roughy. I buy it pre-cooked and frozen in big bags. Kinda expensive, though.

Swordfish, and fresh ahi tonbo (tuna)

Nothing beats fresh salmon on the grill. If I recall correctly the breakdown per cooked 3 oz. is approx. 130 cals, 3 or 4 g. fat and the rest is protein. The fat is EFA too. Not the cheapest stuff in the world but man it’s good.

My favorite is Mahi Mahi. Grill it with a little lemon pepper.

i have a friend who cooks salmon in his oven on a cedar plank. he says it’s awesome.
i just had some salmon done new orleans style, good shit.

Any of the white fish will have very little “fishy” taste. White fish is basically a great place to put your favorite spices. I also second and third the opinions on Salmon-that stuff is awesome. Heres my trick for getting it cheap, I buy the whole fish, store it in my freezer and steak and fillet what I need, when I need it. Keeping it whole until use prevents freezer burn. Cutting it is easy and it allows me to get it for around $2 a pound. Enjoy!

I like Cod. I usually get a 10 lb bag of frozen filets at Sam’s Club and then just microwave one or two in a wet paper towel with some lemon juice and olive oil for 8 or 9 minutes. If I have more time I like to throw it in a steamer pot until it gets soft and them throw in some frozen veggies. Either way, it is light and has a very nuetral taste and very little odor.

I don’t like any fishy tasting stuff either. But I will tear up some Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, Tuna and Salmon. Make them grilled and blackened!