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What are Good Bodyweight Workouts?

I cant go out the house so that means i cant go to the gym. So what I want to know is if anyone knows and bw workouts i can do besides just pushups n situps.

handstand pushups

one legged squats

do you have a pullup bar? Any equpment at all?

If you can afford a lousy rack setup or a few dumbbells in various ranges, I’d just do that instead.

Definitely not going to get very far on bodyweight exercises.

That being said, pullups, pushups (I guess,) what DJS said, burpees for cardio… aw hell. How long are you on house arrest?

I’ve been away for a couple of days at a time, and even in a hotel room you can usually find something to hang on for pullups, do pushups with your feet elevated, dips between chairs (or other furniture), find something heavy to do some sort of bent over row with (suitcase?),and of course situps or crunches.


[quote]DJS wrote:
handstand pushups

one legged squats

do you have a pullup bar? Any equpment at all?[/quote]

Naw no equipment

Im on house arrest until further noice.

check out the bodyweight workouts that go with that V-Diet 3.0 article.

I did the intermediate bodyweight Sat/Sun workout on one of my off days and it kinda kicked my ass.

and no equipment needed.

check the Crossfit forum, it will answer this question for you perfectly

bulgarian split squats, sissy squats, one-legged squats

natural glute-ham raises

one-arm push-ups, diamond push-ups, elevated push-ups

door pull-up, door pull-up leaning away

handstand pushup with legs leaning on wall or door

I could go on and on. Devise ways to make the exercise hard for yourself… eg stutter reps (CT talks about this in his Q&A thread), higher TUT, etc. Do what you have to do, and you can’t screw up too bad.

Legs - Grap something reasonably heavy like a chair or a box of something, hold it over your head and squat!

Back - Put a brush between two chairs, lie under it and pull yourself up like bent over rows.

Chest - pushups with something on your back, like a back pack filled with books.

Shoulders - handstand pushups, again you can add weight to yourself.

Tricep dips between 2 chairs with something heavy on your lap!

www.dragondoor.com/articler/mode3/499/ -really good article in my opinion.

Also search for excerpts from /buy Pavel’s Naked Warrior

Been in your position before. All you need is this, trust me. Works every major muscle group and has anaolic and cardiovascular benefits too.


Make sure not to over-exert yourself on your first attempt. GOod luck.