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What are Decent Weight Goals for Big Lifts?


what would be considered a decent amount of weight to lift when it comes to bench, squat, deadlift in terms of body weight? im 5'7" so what should i shoot for as a long term goal(im talking about a years worth of training) for my bench press, squat, and deadlift? im 157 lbs at the moment and i plan on bulking for a year and would like to know what to shoot for.

right now i can bench 185x6 , squat 235x6, rdl 235 x 6


if you google "strength charts" a bunch of stuff will come up that shows you different lifts at different body weights.


A good way to create goals(at the beginner stage atleast) is to take your current weights and double them. The new weights are now your goals to achieve.

Better to have goals that are too high than too low


i found some strength charts online and according to them my strength is "fair".


for your weight, id tend to agree.




thanks. i read that one when it came out but i couldnt find it when i searched.