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What are Deadlift's Antagonists?


I am having a hard time finding which muscles are antagonists to standard deadlifts. I am mostly interested in the ones that are in the hips and butt region. Specific names are appreciated, also if there is an antagonist lift I would greatly appreciate that.


Thats kinda a tough question to answer because its not just a hip extension, and many of the muscles involved have multiple actions.

Its better to think in terms of movements instead of muscles.

I could be wrong, but I think decline weighted situps would be a good movement to work the antagonists of the deadlift


Im looking for the antagonists of the hip flexors.


do you mean the hip extendors?




The antagonists to hip flexors would be his extensors


Looking for an exercise that is the opposite of hip flexion? Try deadlifting (it works hip/knee extension).

Is this a test question or something? Why are you asking? If you wanted some movements to antagonize the DL, you could do a sprinter sit up or something. Although, I don't know why you would want to antagonize the DL. Chances are your sitting in the chair reading this, so you probably don't have to!





Because I suspect (correctly) that I am ignoring the deadlift antagonist and I have experiencing lots of painful soreness the day after deadlifting. The pain is similar to shin splints, which is caused by running and neglecting the antagoinst movement/muscles. It is easily fixed by running backwards about 200-400 meters after your run. I am hoping that doing crunches or some other exersize will help rectify this problem.


Where is the soreness? Is it in the abs/hip flexor area?


Hip flexors, but not the true abdominals.


Nice tip, one more thing to add to my shin splints rehab.


You might want to try some foam rolling or tennis ball work. search for "feel better for 10 bucks" and "soft tissue work for tough guys"
Soft tissue work does wonders for me.


The soft tissue tip is good. You could try standing pull down abs as well. How much/often are you deadlifting? Whats your squat training like? Do you do any static ab work? How is your form? Whats your overall training volume/intensity like? Maybe check some of these general things before you just starting doing flexion-type work.

Good luck,



Here are the exercises for hip flexors:

You might want to try the stretches as well listed on the right.


um, a lot of it is similar actions... and as people above said, do some soft tissue work and stretch.

but hanging pikes

*hang from pullup bar, make feet touch the bar

and weighted situps no back support

  • situps holding weight behind your head in back extension chair...


Hip Flexor - Iliopsoas (some people separate this into two muscles - psoas major and iliacus)

Rectus Abdominis


Would step Ups be antagonist or reverse sled drag I realize it’s not antagonist to hip extention but they’re both quad dominant. Interested in your reply


Toes To Bar or GHD sit ups?


I wonder if you’re not opening your hips up enough when you deadlift. Especially if you sumo deadlift, but it can also be a problem with conventional.

If you lift conventional, you can try to screw your feet into the ground as opposed to just pushing your feet through the ground.

If sumo, try spreading the floor apart or knees out.

I could definitely see that being your issue if the bar ever runs into your knees, but even if it doesn’t it might still be a part of the problem.

edit: Just noticed this was an 8 year thread necro, oops…


Obvious answer is sitting on the couch.

Or getting crushed by a piano?

Seriously, there is no antagonist exercise for an exercise that uses your entire body.

But to build balance I like planks, quad dominant lunges, overhead pressing or pressing in general.