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What Are Cable Woodchoppers?


Can anyone describe to me what these are and how to do them?



I think it's the same motion as you use when chopping wood, except you use a cable to provide the resistance. I've never seen a cable machine, don't know what one looks like and have never done anything resembling the motion except when chopping firewood (No, I mean it. I have a wood burning stove and a tendency to cut down my father's trees and then lie about it afterwards.) so that description is pretty vague, but what can you do?

You keep your feet planted and your elbows bent, and twist your torso from a half-facing position to a full front facing position, imparting a little extra velocity to the axe by straightening your arms at the final moment- keep your arms loose and supple, leading with your waist.


A woodchopper would be something like the picture above, only you don't do thank funky side lunge, step out thing. You stand normally, sideways to the machine (like the guy in the pic). Hand start around head-height, and finish around thigh-height. Hope that helped a bit.

Check out the Wise man, keeping things Old School. :slight_smile:


You can do woodchoppers pulling down from a high-pully, or by pulling up from a low pully on a cable-crossover machine.

The key is the powerful twisting motion in your torso, that's the point behind this exercise. You shouldn't be pulling with your arms, you should be pulling with your obliques, and remember to switch sides and go the other direction (i.e. go from right-to-left to left-to-right)


I've got videos of several variations. If you want to shoot me an email, I'll send them your way.



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About 15 miles outside Carmarthen. Do you know LLandysul?


Yes its about 30 miles south of where I used to live near Aberystwyth, I have been once for some reason, think to look at a car.

I've lived on Anglesey too quite near to

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Awesome! I live in a little village called Llanfihangel Ar Arth.
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I meant Llanfairpwll sorry, that what most locals called it.


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Don't know him sorry. Do you speak Welsh then ?


Yeah. Es I ysgol dyffryn teifi, ac rydw i'n siarad cymraeg yn eitha rhygl.


Hey , Areithi o'r gorau Cymraeg.


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OK then, lapsing back into your crude, unexpressive anglo saxon dialect for a second;
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