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What are Beginner Standards?

I’m trying to decide on a program to go with and stick with but I don’t know what is considered a beginner. I’m wondering because I want to milk any beginner gains and a lot of programs on this site are made for more advanced people. Is there any specific program I should be doing at my level? My goals are pretty standard(some fat loss… gain muscle… gain lots of strength)

155lbs 5’8

Need to get these higher:
215 DL 5x5
Standing military 95 5x5
squat 190 5x5
bench 150 5x5

diet is attached

Rippetoe’s Starting Strength, Defranco’s WS4SB should be fine.

You need to eat way more protein, also. Like, way, way, way more.

Eat more, period. In the beginning months you can have a crap program and still make good gains, just because you body isn’t used to any kind of strength exercise. Keep it simple - focus on your 3 main lifts. Bench, squat and deadlift. Add in shoulder and chest work to help with the bench, and add extra leg and back work to help with the squat and deadlift. Pick and choose a few exercises, find a weight that is heavy for you but that you can still handle. Stick to your program and you’ll see results.

Do you mean more food in general or just more protein? I can easily get more calories (drink more olive oil or something) but getting more protein is more difficult. Are beans a good source? Or would that be adding too many carbs?

“Getting more protein is difficult” – that’s part of why there are so few lean, muscular people walking around.

No, beans are NOT a good source of protein. Meat, poultry, and fish are good sources of protein.

Metabolic Drive is a good way for “protein beginners” to get their protein intake up. It’s easier to drink it than to eat it. Add 2 shakes with 2 scoops per day = 80 more grams. And work on eating more actual meat week by week.

Eat more in general. Here’s why…

Protein can either be used two ways-

  1. Used to build muscle.
  2. Used as energy.
    You want the first. If your body doesn’t have enough carbs it will use protein as it’s energy source. If protein is used as energy it isn’t being used to build muscle. More protein will not nessesarily make you build muscle faster. You need to have enough food along with enough protein.

Getting enough protein shouldn’t be an issue considering all the protein rich foods out there, not to mention the supplements. Eggs, chicken, lean cuts of beef, milk, the list goes on. I’m positive you just need to eat more. Yes - it is that simple.

Why are you drinking olive oil?
Beans are NOT a good source of protein. Don’t worry about carbs. Just eat.

Eat more in general.

Why are you drinking olive oil?

Beans are not a good source of protein.

Don’t worry about carbs. In fact - get more carbs than protein if you are trying to put on size. Low carbs diets are not for 160lb guys trying to bulk up.

More protein is not difficult considering all the protein rich foods out there - eggs, chicken, beef, fish, milk, etc. Not to mention the dozens of protein supplements on the market.

Just eat more in general. I could give you a more complicated answer but really, it’s just that simple. Eat more.

Looking at your diet, your at about 25% calories from protein, 25% from carbohydrates and 50-55% calories from fat. Aim for a 30/40/30 split.

Your total calories is about 3000. Check the articles here and find out how much you need. I suspect that you are a little low overall.

Good luck