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What Are Back Bridges?

Can anyone tell me what these are? I saw these listed as a warmup exercise in the new Defranco article and they are the only exercise on the warmup circut that I didn’t know.


See Don Alessi’s Top ten profanity sets

He shows them on a bench, one-legged, but they can be done on the floor, with either one or two leg, depending on the training effect you’re looking for (gpp or strenght)

Neck bridges are an exersise used to stretch and warm-up your whole body. First, you lie on the floor on your back, then you pull your feet as close to your butt as possible. Then you place your hands on the ground above your shoulders and “bridge” by rolling your weight onto the top of your head. My explanation probably seems hard to understand. There has to be someplace that shows pictures, maybe even on this website. I do neck bridges whenever I work-out.



Thanks guys.


You can always sex them up a little when you get stronger…