What Are All the Signs of High Estrogen?

I know there are a few signs of when estrogen starts getting too high but what are all the possible signs?

-too much water retention
-emotional outbursts
-getting weaker instead of stronger
-fluffly as fuck nipples

what are some others?

Man it sucks because so many high E2 sides are also low E2 sides. This is what makes dosing AIs such a pain in the ass. Add in the fact that a lot males over respond to adex and you have a recipe for an anxiety ridden cycle with crashed E levels. I guarantee you will know when your low on E tho unfortunately.

So for the question. Water retention is not necessarily a high E2 side. Your going to retain water on a long ester this is just something you have to accept. How much water depends a lot on body fat and DIET. I can stress the diet enough. You can literally shave 7+ lbs of water in a week lowering your sodium and eating cleaner. It annoys me when people ask how much adex to get rid of bloat. But thier diet is packed fool of sodium or processed food.

Things that are def signs of high E that are the easiest for me to differentiate are emotions. Youl feel yourself getting emotional wether it’s over nostalgia or just really happy you could cry lol. This is fine tho ride with it!

So the question becomes when do you need to do something about elevated E2. Well if your dick stops working mid cycle then I’d suggest starting one. Or if somehow it’s legitimately affecting your performance in the gym then start low and run one.

If your gyno prone (legitimately) an AI on cycle is not a good idea. You can start doing damage before you ever dial a dose in. In that situation I’d suggest nolva daily to prevent gyno completely…

I say legitimate gyno because you see guys post shit like. Nipples got tender and a little swollen a few weeks in started adex now my joints are cracking and I cant get my dick hard help what’s the problem. When the whole time it was absolutely nothing to begin with. They just created one tho.

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Solid post. yeah I guess bloods is really the only way to know for sure but bloods are expensive. That’s the problem.

I know low E seems pretty easy to spot, but high E can be tricky from what I’ve read. The emotional thing is also somewhat hard if you are also taking some type of stimulant like an ECA stack, that in itself will get your emotions all over the place.

Your E2 is def gonna be elevated no question about that. The goal is to keep it within ratio of your test levels. Bloods are a pain in the ass but man it’s a God send to know exactly what’s going on in your body. The.l peice of mind they offer is priceless!

are you the type that is a firm believe that any Test cycle should have an AI run throughout? or just when symptoms arise?

I’m a believer in your body being able to do what a body is great at and that’s regulation.

When you add exogenous testosterone your body will spend about 3-5 weeks adjusting to these new test levels while the levels reach a peak. During this time you very well could experience sudden bloat, emotions, anxiety etc your body is on a roller coaster ride! But like any healthy strong body it adjust and youl notice with proper diet etc that after that month IF you were experiencing some things they usually subside. This is because your body has adjusted to those new levels of testosterone and estrogen and has begun to regulate its self accordingly.

With that being said you should always have nolva and an AI on hand for a testosterone cycle. But my belief is that they should only each be used for the things I listed above.

I peak around the reddit subs /r/steroids on reddit and they obliterate anyone not immediately on an AI from day 1

Well, we have a trained endocrinologist here who is also competitive bodybuilder and other physicians who say its a terrible idea. Choose who you take advice from wisely.

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and what is their stance on it? use it if symptoms arise? I’m new here so I’m not sure who they are.

Sounds like a bunch of Trolls

Reddit is good for certain things. Getting good information on steroid cycles is not one of them.

For sure signs for me are:

Itchy nipples

Lower Libido

Dick going limp

More emotional towards dumb shit (sad animal TV commercial)

Also, you cant just have one symptom. It has to be multiple symptoms, over a period of time. You start knowing your signs eventually.

now when you say ‘itchy nipples’ can that also be a burning sensation? a pulsating one every few hours or is this constant?

I have experienced some nipple itch, that WAS transient, I didn’t worry about it.

If I felt my nipples sensitive, or itching, basically not normal, and it was for a few days, along with lower libido and limp dick. I knew I had a problem.