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What Are 5/3/1 PR Sets?

In the Forever book I’ve seen mention of 5/3/1, PR set. I understand the 5/3/1 notation, but I’ve yet to find a description of what a PR set is. I’m specifically looking at the 5/3/1, PR set in the 3rd Part of Krypteia. Does this just mean that on the last set one can go for a PR? For example, a hypothetical cycle would look like this?

Week 1: 5x65%, 5x75%, 5+x85%
Week 2: 3x70%, 3x80%, 3+x90%
Week 3: 5x75%, 3x85%, 1+x95%

Thanks for the help.

i think that you do sets of 5, increasing the weight every set until youre not able to do 5 reps anymore.

There is an entire section on PR sets. It’s in every 531 book.

Thanks for the response Jim. I’m sorry, but it isn’t clear to me what 5/3/1, PR set means. I own every one of your books. Can you point out where I can find the percentages to use for a PR set and how it’s structured in your programs? Is this PR set after the normal 5/3/1 work? I see a section on page 4 of Forever titled: “Principles No. 4” that talks about PRs, but I don’t see any specifics about how one actually does a PR set with respect to 5/3/1.

I greatly appreciate all your writing and willingness to help folks. I’ve notice you’ve answered A LOT of questions on here over the years about the content of your books. One reason why so many people have questions is that the flow and wording of your books makes it difficult for people to decipher what you’re trying to convey sometimes. Perhaps consider being explicit about what you mean by writing out the sets/reps/percentages/etc for each program in your future work (you usually do a great job of this in your online articles on the blog, t-nation, etc.).

Anyway, just my 2 cents. Hopefully, you know I’m not trying to be an a-hole. Thanks again for all your awesome work. Take care, man.

A PR set is the sets with the plus sign after it.

I don’t think Jim’s writing is confusing on that honestly.

No way you’ve read the books or articles, it’s explained in several places.

Thanks for the help guys. In the book it says, 5/3/1, PR set. There’s not plus. I do understand the plus notation. For 5/3/1, PR Set… is that 4 sets? Like this?

Week 1: 5x65%, 5x75%, 5x85%, 5+85%
Week 2: 3x70%, 3x80%, 3x90%, 5+90%
Week 3: 1x75%, 1x85%, 1x95%, 5+95%

Not trying to be difficult, I just don’t understand. Thanks.

Do a PR set on the final set. Where are you getting 4 sets from?

Okay. The way it is written with a comma between 5/3/1 and PR set made me that that the 5/3/1 work was distinct from the PR set (what ever that was). I think I understand now:

Week 1: 5x65%, 5x75%, 5+x85% (PR set)
Week 2: 3x70%, 3x80%, 3+x90% (PR set)
Week 3: 5x75%, 3x85%, 1+x95% (PR set)

PR set and plus notation mean the same thing I guess. It is odd to me to introduce two different notations for the same thing in the book.

“…we will not use 5’s Pro. Rather, we will use the standard 5/3/1 program with a PR set”. Just read it as ‘5/3/1’. Looks like it’s just confirming there’s a PR set but you should know that if you are familiar with the standard 5/3/1, otherwise you’d be doing 2 PR sets.

There is no 5/3/1 program that is 1s across on the third week. Where did you get those numbers from?

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How bizarre, didn’t notice that.

My bad. That should have been 5/3/1 not 1/1/1. Thanks.

Thanks guys. I understand now. Sorry for the confusion. The help is much appreciated!

No worries. I can see it’s also explained in the actual Krypteia example workout (‘3x3’ week) where every set is laid out and the PR set is listed as 360x3+ (90%).

Ah, good point. I didn’t think to look there. Unclear why Jim didn’t just say my example in my original post was correct.

I imagine it was out of frustration because he’s written several books that all explain this, along with free articles on his website.


just told you what is it, read my answer -___-

Err, no, you described 5’s Pro Jokers.

that’s what is fucking question was