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what animal would you be?

if you could be any animal, which animal would you be?

i’d go for the lion. sleeps 19 hours a day, the females hunt for food, and naturally big powerful scary beasts.

this thread is probably the most worthless i’ve ever written. enjoy!

an eagle or other large bird.


I would probably be a wolverine. Not that cute but also not afraid to take on a bear or cougar. Plus, they’re almost extinct like me! lol. BTW, the first siting of a wolverine since 1804, in the Wolverine State, MI, just recently occured.

lion…all u do is sleep, eat, and get laid.

I’d be a sasquatch. Get to hang out in the woods, drink Kokanee, and leave footprints on the beach for people to gawk at:) Plus I’d be pretty much the only animal in history with no predators INCLUDING humans! (at least, until they discovered me)

A stud horse. Good food, no work really, and enough sex to put a sparkle in the day.

Lion…they can mate 24 times in a day.

A three toed sloth.-Its ugly, slow, and hairy. A lot like me, actually.

I’d like to be a wolf (Alpha Male of course)

I’m torn between a chimpanzee and the blind mole rat…


You’re absolutely right, the sighting was about an hour from my hometown…

Everybody back home is in a twitter about it.

Me, I’d be a Clydesdale, or a Belgian. I’m big, can pull heavy stuff, got a big snout, and look good in a mo-hawk…

All I’m missing is furry anklets and a three foot wang.


First it was who is the toughest most intimidating looking guy. Then it degenerated into who had the toughest father. Now we have to pick an animal we want to be…Oh okay I’ll play :slight_smile:

Um…a Dog then I could lift my leg and take a good long piss on this thread. Haha.

I wanna be a Tyrannosaurus fucking REx and eat everything I see.

I think I’d be a very large grizzle bear. Huge, powerful, and not that many predators.

A rhino…

Huge, strong and horny!

Many beat me to it, but I’d say a lion.

I would be a Honey Badger… The meanest animal in the world!

I’ll be myself. A man! Humans are animal’s were just more educated thats all.

Bear. Sleep a good portion of the year and eat fresh salmon the rest. Plus, I’d be hyooge but cuddly.