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What Angles Best for Before/Afters?


I'm going to start lifting, and I'm wondering what types of photos I should take so I can have an accurate before/after comparison.

I am going to take them standing a certain distance away from the camera, and backing onto a nice neutral coloured wall, but what angles (side, back, 45 degrees etc), and what poses (flexing arms etc) would be best?


Hey. An back double biceps and a front double biceps and a most muscular and a side leg shot (so it shows both hams and quads). Google them, if you dont know them. They will give us a good idea of the whole body. :slightly_smiling:


I would say if it all possible you do some of the mandatory poses like suggested above, as well as the 1/4 turns.


Thank you both, I'll look them up on Google Images.