What Anchor for Supplemental Heaven?

Hey guys,

So ive been following 531 for a shit load of cycles now and i love it now recently i got 531 forever and alot of new programs are in it i saw supplemental heaven and this looks like what i want to follow but i wonder what kind of anchor would be done with this and how many supplemental heaven cycles before a anchor?
After i will probably go back to the original because like jim says in the book this is what i love doing.



Interesting, because I was just looking at this program and thinking about how to set it up. For the anchor, I think I would just keep the same format but add the PR set in place of 5’s PRO you’re doing in the leader. I think the book says to do at least 3 cycles of the leader to gauge how the supplemental moves are working for you, and then do 1-2 cycles of the anchor.

Oo yes that seems good keep doing 5x531 for the supplemental then?

Yes, I would think so. To be clear, I haven’t run this template, so I’m only projecting based on my experience with other programs. I would think you could use a lower weight, more like a “FSL”, if you feel you need to dial it down after your PR set.

Yes i would think that pr set with 5x531 would be killing and i might rather do original 531


It depends. Why do you want to use supplemental heaven?

If it’s to improve the other 4 main lifts, then I would do Pr sets + FSL. Because then you can gauge your progress and compare your PR sets to older ones, especially if you have done a few cycles of 531 already. Another option would be Beyond, where I would try to beat my rep PRs with my TM (not every session or every lift, choose your battles)

You could do your FSL using the exercices you used in the leader if you want to keep in touch with them.

Yea i am looking at fsl too at this moment im just not sure what would be best for strength and size overall

Jim explicitly writes what each program is good for. Just pick one, they all work!

Tbh after 3 months of heavy 5x5 you’ll be happy to be hitting FSL

Thats what i thought i read all the books but after months the fsl will really build up and make you huge atleast i think so not sure what you would recommend

2 cycles of BBB then 1 cycle of PR + FSL

There are so many programs in there, you don’t need stick with one forever. Do something for 2 leaders, 1 anchor. If you want to do something else after that, go for it.