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What Anabolic Books Should I Buy?


I am starting to become interested in anabolics with the hopes of one day doing a cycle. I have read most of the beginnner threads on here and have learned a great deal. I was wondering what in your opinion(some of the veterans) would be a good book if any to purchase. I want something that I can reference to anywhere so I don't have to be online if I want to brush up on some knowledge...


Anabolics 2006 by William Llewellyn -

i've yet to find anything as comprehensive





Well...I did write a book on anabolics...

www.anabolicbooks.com has it...

However if you are looking for a book on "ANALbolics" as the title implies...then maybe you should post this question in the sex forum?


Haha didn't even notice. I guess if I can't even spell ANABOLICS I am nowhere near ready for them. Thanks for the book suggestion.


Here a short list of some of the books.

  1. Anabolics 2006
  2. Chemical Muscle Enhancement
  3. Building The Perfect Beast
  4. Anabolic Steroids - The Ultimate Research Guide
  5. Bottom Line Bodybuilding
  6. Newbies Research Guide
  7. Chemical Wizardry
  8. Laymans Guide to Steroids II

The first four a must have - In that Order. The last four I wouldn't worry about unless someone gives them to you for free.


Over half of those aren't real books...they're "E-books"...In fact, I only see 2 or 3 actual books (Not PDF's) on there?


An E-book is a book.... quick when you order and no postage cost... my last order cost me about $US40 just on postage so sometimes the e-books can be better.

Welcome to the 21st century..


Well...I suppose I'm a traditionalist. I was approached by several people about writing an e-book...

I don't think e-books carry the credibility of a "p-book"...at least not author-wise.

But in anycase, you may see an e-book from me in the very near future. I'm trying to iron out the details...so that it can be totally (100%) free to anyone who wants to download it.

I've never heard of #5 and #7 on your list...are they e-books?

Also...I can tell you for sure, 100% of those e-books are Available for free download online, if you look hard enough. The only ones that aren't is mine and Llewellyn's latest book. But you can get a PDF of his 2002 effort (Anabolics2002) online pretty easiliy.


Look forward to seeing that in the future.