what an idiot

here is the link to an arcticle i picked up on at another board. its a must read. be sure to piss first so you dont do it in your pants. pathetic. and to think i subscribe to maxim!

your the idiot!

this was discussed yesterday !


Either that is the most bogus made-up bullshit article ever written, or Maxim may be credited with finding the world’s biggest douchebag.

What a laugh!

i refuse to read it! i have started an all out boycott of steroid info that comes from the gay media.

get ny back brothers!!!

it seems fake to me. he says he had 10 inch legs but weighed 154 @5’9". seems off to me. best quote though, is
“So I lay there, hallucinating. I didn?t just see pink elephants, I fed them and walked them and offered them bodybuilding tips.”
some tips he could probably give, huh.

And you people complain about a simple article about someone’s drug use? Overdramitized? Haha, this guy was ‘fucking the coke machine’ due to almost constant erections. Hmm. 20-egg ommlettes? His arms grew 3 inches in 2 weeks?


Get with the program, Drago!

If you’re going to rip drago for being a day late, you might want to rip the original poster for being almost 5 years late…that article was from the June 1999 issue.

(“I once saw three guys share a suppository just minutes before a competition.” Bwaah!?!?)

Actually, I don’t really agree with either side here.
Tillman gave up alot to go fight. No doubt about it. But he did it without fanfare, without publicity, and without any wanted recognition. Hell the man drove 2 hours to enroll so he wouldn’t be recognized and then turn down repeated interveiw requests after. I think he did it for personal reasons so calling him an “pendajo” or saying it was for some macho purpose is probably false.
On the other hand I can see how many would think that giving up such a promising future to go fight in an unpopular war would bring out hostile feelings.
If Tillman did it for any of the reasons the author of the article believes then yes, I’d have to side with the author. But I think Tillman did it for personal reasons. Reasons that none of us can understand. I believe he did it because he felt he NEEDED to. Whether or not it was pushed on him by society or not I think he felt it necessary.
I saw an article somewhere where a friend of Tillman’s said when he talked to him Tillman said he felt he needed to do it because his entire family had always took up arms. His GGGrandfather, GGrandfather, Grandfather, and his father. Considering his brother had also joined maybe Tillman felt a close family bond would have slipped away had he dogdged service in favor of a meaningless NFL career.

Just my 2 cents.

Hey Jofjltn4,

I was the original poster yesterday. Don’t rip me. LOL. I didn’t put it up as news, but thought it was good for something of a joke. (I admit that I didn’t look at the date though.)

Your point that its five years old got me thinking. Do you think, or others, think that the perception of steroid use by the public has improved or worsened over those five years?

And what is P-Dog talking about? Maxim doesn’t look gay to me. Did I miss something?

I particularly liked this little gem from the offending article,

“By combining intravenous and oral steroids, I soon made an incredible change in my body.”

intravenous wtf!!


Just read it. Obviously an invented story. References like “intraveinous injections” and work out references (lifting 1000 pound with my legs - wtf?)are from someone who has never trained to be read by someone who has very little, if any, training experience. Maggots moving in and out of his leg? Unless he was being treated in the UK where they still use green bottle maggots to clean up wounds, that hospital should be closed down. In fact, the whole thing is so grossly inacurate in some many facets that I am amazed an editor would print it. But then, that’s journalism - some is good, some is really, really bad.

“And what is P-Dog talking about? Maxim doesn’t look gay to me. Did I miss something?”

your wrong! everything that i dont like, disagree with, or dont understand qualifies as gay. therefore YOU are gay! just kidding. lol

This article has been around for a long time. I read it back in 88 or 89 when I was a sophmore in highschool. I thought it was BS back then too.

Thanks for the compliment P-Dog. LOL.

You’ve really started my weekend off on a great note. HA!

if the only insult any of you can make is how this was posted earlier(which obviously i didnt see since i have been spending less and less time here) or that it is an arcticle from several years ago(which many of us never saw) then that is just truly sad. hmmmm,

Drago, dude, relax…

Since I was the guy who pointed out this old, really old, I guess your comment was at me…but the reason I did it, you said it yourself: “(which many of us never saw)”. I thought it was worth noting that this was not a recent article written with the Balco backdrop, but an article written back when steroids were not the lead-in for SportsCenter.

Sure, blame me because I’m mainly just a lurker, blame me because I notice little details, blame me because you had a bad day,

Hey Drago, good buddy, relax, take a chill pill. Its all good in the hood…