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What an Experience

I wanted to share an amazing experience. Last weekend I went with a friend to hike in the Alps on the German/Austrian border (Berchtesgaden area). The first day climbed 1300 meters up over an 11 kilometer distance. Second day we hiked through what the locals call the Sea of Stone for about 4-5 hours. Lots of peaks and valleys. The third and fourth days were short hikes but they were straight down (thank God for cables).

I can not even begin to describe the view from the top. During the second day a thunder storm blew in. Clouds so thick that visability was down to about 20 feet. Lightning all around. The pictures don’t do it justice and I will try to add more soon.

I’m heading out this weekend to hike a different part of the same mountain range.

this was day two

Fourth day

Awesome, man! I find no experience can match a good hike. Being a Colorado man myself, I have hiked all over the Rockies and would strongly encourage people to visit. Truely awesome sites to experience.


Damn, that’s cool. I’d like to find people to do that kind of thing with. As close as I get here in the foothills.

Very cool bro, I can relate to enjoying majestic scenary like that.