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What an Arse


Lindsey Jacobellis.

Definition of cockiness (see other thread).

Thats what you get if you are cocky.


It provided a nice opportunity to talk to my kids about class, though.


I just watched the Finals. How someone could fuck up like that ... makes you shake your head in wonder.

I teach teenagers all day (she's 20) and some of them you'd consider literally insane. Dead from the neck up...

Now, she has to live with that memory forever. Dumb kid.


Sorry but what are you guys referring to?



Covers it for those unaware


Have to agree it was the bonehead move of the Olympics.

Buts whats worse, falling at the end and coming in second because you busted a trick or knowing you busted on one of the simplest of tricks, something you've probably done a few hundred times?


"This is what happened: Jacobellis embarrassed herself on the biggest stage in sports, and in doing so, confirmed for many the perception that American teenagers who belong to our X Games culture care more about highlight DVDs and video-game moves than winning and losing."

Maybe it's because I'm in the same age bracket as her... But maybe to her having fun WAS more important than winning?? If she KNEW she was going to win, what does it matter if she actually gets the gold or not?


I bet we wouldn't be talking about her if she won the gold...


I don't see it as disrespectful at all. Doing tricks during races is one of the reason people watch them. In motorcross it become customary for the person in front to do a trick over the last jump. That progressed into an entire new sport and now guys get paid millions from sponsors to do backflips on dirtbikes.

In to case of Jacobellis it just seems like she was having fun and giving a little show to the crowd. If she landed it I don't think people would have called it showboating. Her mistake was messing up such a simple trick (as someone stated). She is going to hear about that for a long time. Kind of a Bill Buckner move except in a sport nobody cares about.


Probably true.

If she ahd pulled he Method grab and landed it, she'd be referred to as "winning with style."

But she didn't so its referred to as "making an ass of yourself."

Showboating is only appreciated when you can back it up with results.


It wasn't even the last jump.

i am sure she will come back and win, but there is NO excuse for that full stop, let alone in the olympics.


relax guys, it's not some major war of yours she's messed up. It's just her personal thing. If you were her trainers I could understand it if you're annoyed but just being a normal fan or not even that... You just need something to be pissed off about, don't you... (well, here I am... be pissed off if you enjoy that)



This isn't embarrassing at all. She was having fun, she knows she won the race despite the silver medal. The girl competed in the olympics and had the time of her life while other people are angry about how she raced. The article sites outrage that she cared more about tricks than winning; so what? I find it refreshing that she can enjoy actually doing her sport more than the medals that come with it. There's no reason to make a big deal out of it.


She doesn't think its a big deal.. why should anybody else?


It is a big deal. It's a very big deal! Not many people get to represent their country in the Olympics. It's an honor. And you are not there to simply "have fun." You are representing the USA and should know better than do something stupid like that.

At The Age Of 20 She Says:

"I was having fun, Snowboarding is fun. I was feeling great that I was ahead. I wanted to share with the crowd my enthusiasm."

Someday at the age of 35 she will say:

"I was a dumb kid. I didn't realize what I had. I blew it big time!"



That is world class loser talk.


but you sir, the antilooser didn't even have the chance to mess up any olympic medal... who's the looser?

you can't tell from just this... this is a pathetic discussion anyways...

I personally doubt that it will have an impact on her career... she's world champion and now getting loads of publicity... it's all relative


Just curious (not being snarky) - do all of you guys who think she did something idiotic think the same of world-class powerlifters who bomb out at meets because they went for records?



If she was just representing herself it would be fine...but she's representing her country.


Instead of trying to be the best, she suceeded in being herself. Good for her.

Who are the real losers? Those who live as in a super-competition - because someone will always better them.

Pathetic that people are giving her shit for letting them down. They let themselves down when they decided to live vicariously through a stranger, who apparantly doesn't care much for their sad, defeated dreams.