What Am I Missing...

I’m just looking for any advice about critical lifts that I might be missing in my routine. For what it’s worth my “goals” are to build substantial amounts of muscle while at least not adding any fat… if i lose some that’s a bonus… but I don’t want to discuss nutrition in this thread just some lifts I may be missing. Here’s the split i run right now and the exercises I do each time.

Day 1 - Legs

Back Squat
Hamstring Curls (Machine, seated)
Leg Extensions (Machine, seated)
I sometimes add some sort of calf work but rarely… if I have energy I’ll typically do a very high rep set (60-100 reps) of leg press to absolute failure. I rarely have energy for this though after squats.

Day 2 - Chest

Press (Dumbbell or barbell… I switch every so often because I feel like I progress better that way.)
Incline Press (same as above)
Flat Bench Fly
Cable Fly
Narrow Grip Bench (I throw it in at the end to waste any extra energy I may or may not have… I don’t go heavy because i’m basically dead at this point)

Day 3 - Back

Conventional Deadlift
Bent Over Barbell Row OR T-bar Row
Lat Pulldown
Cable Row

Day 4 - Shoulders

Seated press (Dumbbell or barbell… switch it up every so often… blah blah)
Lateral Raises (recently switched to cable but was using dumbbells until this week… I just like to try new things)
Front Raises (dumbbells)
Reverse Fly (dumbbells)

I AM aware that I should probably work in dips/chins. The reason I dont do chins is because I’m very weak at them (I can only do 2-3) but I do understand that I should do them anyways. Dips simply feel painful… I’m probably doing them wrong.

Anyways… if anyone can point out some obvious flaws in my routine please do so… all advice is welcome.

definitely get the chins in . thats the best way to get better at them

You don’t have to have a day dedicated to it, but get some isolated arm work in there too. It’ll definately help you with your chins and dips.

What are your current loading parameters? 5X5, 3X10, etc.

Good program overall. Throw pullups in as a top set for lat pulldowns and get some arm work in there. Calf work shouldn’t be neglected, either.

Other than that, keep up the intensity. And good luck.

PS: I’m curious about your loading parameter, too.

For what it’s worth I do do some isolation arm work in… I throw it in at the end of the odd workout when I’m feeling good about it.

As far as loading parameter I typically do 3x10 except for “main” lifts (deadlift, squat, bench) where i’ll do 5x5.

If you struggle with chins/pull ups, don’t just not do them, TRY HARDER AT THEM and you will get better…common sense eh?

I also think its funny that you do squats, leg curls, and leg ext for you whole leg workout. Yet you are doing 5 lifts for your chest, if you need 5 lifts to workout your chest you are not lifting hard enough. While i think leg curls/ext have there place, throw in some leg press and/or lunges. Do you see the logic? Legs have a lot of muscles and the chest is just one damn muscle, i think 3 lifts for chest should suffice if you are pushing yourself.

Throw in some direct arm work, some people respond to just a little. Hopefully you are lucky enough to be one of them.

Good Luck!

The only reason I only do 3 lifts for legs is because after squatting ATG for what turns out to be 7-8 sets after warmup I can barely walked around the gym let alone do a bunch more movements. I get what you’re saying though… there’s probably definitely some room for lunges.