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What Am I Missing?

Okay so I�??m just starting to get into exercising again. I had a brief hiatus after moving to another country, new job, not enough time etc. So I am hoping to slowly create myself a training regime.
I found I was trying to cram in about 20 different exercises, but after reading some of the beginner articles I figured I should stick with the basics.
I was also thinking of dedicating a day to my core. A strong core and back are important to me, after I damaged my back pretty badly about 3 months ago. Now when I used to do Martial Arts (I�??ve stopped now, too expensive!), I used to fly through the repetitions as fast as I could and I didn�??t perform any sets, just a long list of different exercises: crunch variations; v-ups; leg raises; grasshoppers, etc, etc. So I have great speed (skinny, but fast!), but I�??m lacking in strength/definition (I like gurls). Should I be taking 5 or 6 of these exercises and doing about 5 sets. Personally that is what I am thinking of trying.

Warm up skipping/ star jumps

5 sets of:
Floor press x 5
Squat x 5
Deadlift x 5
Military press x 5
Shrug x 5
3 mile run after

Day of rest

5 sets of the drop sets featured here: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/mondays_with_thibs_jack_up_your_arms_with_mechanical_drop_sets
3 mile run after

Day of rest

Floor press, squat etc

2 days off…rinse, repeat.

Now I know that this is severely lacking in some areas. As I�??m a newbie at this any help would be appreciated. So if there is anything you think I could add/change then tell me. I�??m here to improve!

Cheers Rob

Bragging about being bantam weight and fast - you can do that in the sports section.

Read all the beginner stickies. Get ready for a lot of responses… I don’t know what to say… Start reading so you aren’t confused.

misinterprated my post there kinein :slight_smile: It is the internet, so the sarcasm that I meant to place in the ‘skinny but fast’ couldn’t be read.
I’ve read alot of the stickies in the beginners section: I just want to know what else I can add/ if I’m doing anything wrong.

Well you have all the basics and then a day for your arms. It’s better then some other newbie plans I’ve read.

First and foremost I’d make sure that your form is dead spot fucking on for everything you do. Why? b/c its important to everyone…even moreso for us who have back injuries in our past. I am one of them too.

Good luck!

Tehehe no worries, I was being sarcastic too ~ What about your nutrition? Why 3 miles immediately after your lifting session and how fast can you do 3 miles?

Well I have a shake in the morning: oatmeal/nana/berries/broccoli/whey/peanut butter

Turkey/tuna/beef sandwich or fruit around 11ish

1ish another sandwich/baked potato

3ish snack bar or fruit

get home, do my exercise, maybe have a shake afterwards and then eat some chicken pasta, paella, tuna and rice etc. I’m not monitoring how much goes in, I’m just trying to keep the home fires burning. I should really pull my finger out and get myself some scales.

I’ve not timed the run as I just mix it up with a bit of fartlek.

I’m trying to use good form. I’ve written down what to do and practice with something light. It is quite tough though as it’s hard to find decent videos on youtube.

you’re gonna wear yourself out.

if you’re getting back into it, id suggest you go light with high frequency. (4 - 6 times a week)

do that for 2 weeks or so to let your body rejuvenate itself. some will say that this isnt necessary, but i like to think its the proper way… not only physically, but mentally also.

Agree with Nathan on starting with light volume and intensity but high frequency.
Also I think doing 3 miles a day will be a detriment if you are trying to get bigger.
As for your outlined workout you need some pull/chin ups or maybe barbell rows if that is your thing. Personally 5x5 of squats and deads, and also 5x5 floor and military press seems like a lot.

And why dedicate a whole day to biceps exercises? Since you are just starting out I don’t think it’s really necessary.
I’d just do 3 full body workouts a week. But if you do decide to keep the bicep day, add some tricep work in there too.

I don’t think a 3 mile run is a good idea after a semi-heavy lifting day like the 5 x 5 program you described. It’s just they are total opposites…to destroy legs with deads and squats and then try to run 3 miles? My joints would personally be killing me.

Okay, I will lower the weight and do more reps to get back into the swing of things. Besides, I went to the chiro today and he said I shouldn’t be doing squats, deadlifts or Military presses (I’m fking gutted), so I will need some replacements for those: any ideas?
The reason why I dedicated a whole day to bicep exercises is because I’m a beginner and I don’t have a fking clue :slight_smile:
Can you give me an example of a full body workout, or a link (both would be great).
Again, the run for the same reason. All though I wasn’t feeling it in my legs.