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What Am I Missing Without Deadlifts


Right now, the only 'deadlift' variation I have are RDL's, which I use to hit hamstrings, and I've made decent progress. However, I always hear how great of a back builder DL's are, and that you can visually see a difference in those who deadlift and those who dont. My split is back/tri's, legs, chest/bi's, so i dont know how effective DL's on back day then Squats the next, so I did't include them for that reason. My question is, am I missing out on alot of progress without deadlifts, if my goal is bodybuilding? or is the 'need' to deadlift for a big back overexaggerated?


Do you "need" to deadlift to get bigger? No, but deadlifting is one of the most effective overall exercises for those who want to add size and strength.

This is one exercise that I'd have all beginner's doing, unless they were limited by injury.


Oh, and don't get hung up on your split, especially while you're still a beginner.

The actual days you do certain lifts isn't as big of a deal as most make it out to be. The important thing is to train consistently while progressively increasing strength.


I don't know anyone who is serious about training, whether they're bodybuilders or just recreational lifters, who doesn't deadlift. So, if you want to be a bodybuilder do what bodybuilders do - deadlift.


Thanks guys. I guess Ill go ahead and put DL's in my leg day routine


i hate rdl's because they require lighter weight, yet are more difficult. it is not an exercise i can take seriously enough to make proper progress


What about good mornings then? I don't know about you, but I'd definitely consider them to be more difficult than RDLs.