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What am I Missing on the Supplement Shopping List?


Alright all,

I'm deferring to the wisdom of the more experienced folks here. I am creating a supplement list of stuff to pair up with my tub of Jack3d. Here's what it looks like so far:

1 2lb jug of whey
1 2lb jug of casein
BCAA pills
Creatine mono

I feel like there's something I'm missing from this list. I mean, potentially 4 of those ingredients can go into the same shake. Am I over-thinking it, or do I need to throw something else on the list? I appreciate any feedback.

P.S. - if the list is too vague, I'll put the brands and such up there, but I didn't think it mattered..


Looks complete to me, its pretty much all you need. Fish oil is never a bad thing, you might of not included that in the list though.


you are waaaay overthinking this


Multi-vitamin if your diet isn't up to snuff? Other than you've got pretty much all the bases covered without diving into the "waste of money" supplements.


Lol, you know...i don't even use those supplements he listed but i still gave out helpful advice. Where's yours?


Appreciate the feedback, guys. Even the overthinking. Jase - I do take a simple multivitamin, Centrum Performance. And the waste of money is what I was worried about. I am buying two different protein types because of price considerations, honestly.


For me supplementing depends on my life style at the moment. Though, i do take fish oil everynight no matter what. Love that stuff.


No time to cook- Means i order Surge Workout Fuel so i can get up earlier and go to bed later (to cook) so i don't feel like shit when i work out.

Time to cook- All food and no supplements, food tastes so much better.

No time to cook and having to work a double- Time to break out a high calorie protein shake or two (rarely happens).

Its just all about working around the clock to get my protein and calories in.


that was the advice


fish oil.

I don't know what's in jacked, or if it already has creatine in it?


There is some creatine in Jacked. But I have read/been told that since you only take jacked pre-workout, it isn't enough to get the desired effect out of the creatine by itself.


Something I thought about and wanted to ask before I buy - I know that dextrose is a good sugar to have for PW meals/shakes, hence putting it on the list. But, there are always fruits (raspberries, strawberries, sometimes blueberries) in my PW shakes. These are not the same kind of sugars, right? I still need the dextrose to help me out, despite having the sugars/carbs from the fruit...?

Edit: Honey is also available to me. Is straight dextrose better than that?


Frosted Flakes > All


Use a whole-food multivitamin, and no there is not enough creatine in jacked to get all the benefits of creatine supplementation.

As others have said, fish oil.

Calcium(w/Magnesium) never hurt either.


vit D


Dextrose is glucose whereas fruit is generally higher in fructose. Different sugars are used differently in the body and are stored preferentially in different tissues, so yeah I would use the dextrose PW. Berries in particular are relatively low glycemic (slower digesting) carbs. While this is usually a good thing, PW you are looking for higher glycemic stuff.
As far as fruits go, bananas are relatively high glyemic and higher in glucose than many fruits and thus not a bad choice PW. With regard to honey, it is fairly high in glucose but contains fructose as well and so would probably be suitable , but dextrose is way cheaper and mixes more easily so...

BTW, I would consider buying your BCAA as powder rather than pills. You'll need to take a LOT of pills (10 pills = 10 grams = one serving) to get enough to be effective, and they're big suckers. Powder tastes pretty bad on it's own but is still prefferable to choking down all those pills, IMO.