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What Am I Doing Wrong?

Hey folks!

First of all I am very sorry for my English, I’m doing my best to describe you my problems and doing even better to understand your replies :smiley:
Yeah, so…I am 24 years old, 194cm tall, 94kg weight, I am working out like 6 years in fitness with a huge pauses like 5 months or something, maybe it was causes cause I have never seen big results like gain many muscles so far. So I have always stopped to work out after few months but afterwards I have always started again cause I hate the feeling I had not make anything to get stronger or better and I just could not look to mirror to myself. Even tho I did not see many result I started 1.1.2016 again and I did my best I could to get as huge and as strong as possible, did not miss the gym when I really had not to and even through that I had not got much better.

Well, I am pretty sure I had used very good training programs, bodybuilding routines, strenght-volume routines and routines I am sure many people got better after them. I’d like to say I am running like 1 per week for 6-8km’s or a HIIT sprints like 100m sprint, 100m walk, repeat 10 times. Not running often but if it could effect my progres I’d rather mention it.

Next thing is, that sooner this year I refused to loose some weight, I eaten more protein, less carbs and wow, I really lost some weight, looked better, feel…well, pretty same…but as I told you before, I’m kinda tall and looked very skinny, you definitely dont want to look skinny if you do work out like many years, so I refused to gain some weight, get much manly if you do understand, who is much man then Eddie Hall I told to myself? And I started some Korte training, 3 times strenght training for powerlifters, eat much (sugar mainly) and I really gain some weight, but not many muscles and not much stronger, maybe not at all I’d say…

So my max weight for 1 rep is 110kg bench press, 120kg squat and 170kg deadlift… not impressive, right?

Thoses maxes I have like 2, maybe 3 years, I m not getting much better even tho I do eat kinda good, eating like 300g of carbs, 80g of fat, 150-200 of protein… maybe it is not that much but if I add some food I do have like literally diahorea, felling very bad, fart all day and I just feel much better if I do not eat many…Well maybe I do eat actually very low, but dont tell me that it is possible to DONT GET ANY BETTER even through I do not eat dat much… thats just not possible, I have seen many people who eat just like average persons and they where much better looking than I do!

So I am not thinking of good genetic potentional at all, well maybe I have very bad genetic actually, but I do remember words of George Pharah that no one has that bad genetic that he cant be best in the town and? I feel like im really trying to but im not even second… or third, im not even in top 10, or top 100 at least…

So, if I am not getting any huger I refused to get stronger at least and maybe, just maybe profit of that and gain some muscles in future. I work as a cop in my country so I do want to be strong and look somehow respectfull, not like a walking beast or smthng, but just like working out person, I feel like no one who looks at me do not recognize I do even work out.

And here we go, here is my question! Is here something what you advice me to do? I do not consider as a good option to take some pills, I have read about it a lot and I am just not that advanced to take it, well I am not saying I would never do that, but just not in this situation…

I know Im not telling you much so Here is example of one day my food schedule…or how to translate what do I eat whole day…

7:00 - oats with fruits 120-150grams

10:00 - greece yoghurt like 50 grams

12:00 - meet and rice or potatoes or pasta… like 100g + 150g

17:00 training

18:30 (after training) like 200g of meat and 200g of rice or potatoes or pasta
(most usually I eat 5 eggs and 2 slice of bread)

22:00 - curd 250g

So thats it, I do train 3 times per week and Its full body routine, I feel like it do not effect me at all to train split…

If you please have anything to tell me about HOW THE HELL GET STRONGER?!

thank you so much!

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Well, for starters your physique looks decent enough for a guy your height and weight who has been struggling to get stronger or bigger for a while. I’d say you have a good base to build from. So, well done there.

In terms of what you’ve been doing wrong, I think it’s mostly this

And also this

Let’s first assume over that six years you’ve had a five month break from training each year every year. That means you’ve trained for seven months a year, which adds up to about three and a half years of training. However, because you’ve taken such long breaks whatever you’ve gained in that seven months will have mostly been lost over the break.

So, essentially you’ve trained for seven months. You’ve done this six times, but that doesn’t matter because you’ve started from zero each time.

Getting stronger, and even more so getting bigger, takes consistent effort in the gym and the kitchen over a long time. A year isn’t much, let alone a few months.

You’ve also done lots of different programs, so you don’t quite know what works well for you and what doesn’t (although you mentioned it seems like full-body works better).

I would suggest you buy Beyond 531 by Jim Wendler. I believe it contains an entire year of training at four days per week. It is an excellent system, proven to work thousands of times.

Set your daily calories at 300 above maintenance. In this, make sure to get double your bodyweight in protein (so for you 190-200 grams); about 20% of your total calories from fat; and the remainder of your calories from carbs.

Do that for a year. Follow the program exactly.

Or possibly 5/3/1 for hard gainers.

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That’s another option. Although, given OP’s propensity to drop off every few months I thought it would help having a full year set out.

Any port in a storm! Thought it might easier to understand since it is a complete program as opposed to templates. :smirk: I am not too bright so I like everything simple.

I agree with what has been said, and think you should also give up long distance running. That burns the fuel you want to use to build muscle.

Well thank you guys so much for review my thread and respond dat fast!

It seems kinda simple now, but I was like all blind until someone point on what is actually wrong.

I look up to those training programs and im pretty impressed by both but that 531 for hardgainers seem like it could be pretty fun, combine strenght and volume kinds of training and thats pretty much what am I lookin’ for.

So I will give up running long distance over 1-2km’s as well, I know it could be kinda fuel eater but I thought its not that much like once per week, but aight, lets make it all count…:slight_smile:

If anyone would have some more advice i’d be still pretty thankful!:wink:

Once per week is ok, but I would still want you to shorten the distance to 2 km or so. Because you are a cop, keep some running in there to stay prepared for your physical fitness exams in the police job.

7-8 km is probably too much, but distances of 1-3 km are ok, you will just need to eat a bit more on those days. Aerobic exercise like runs help overall health as well as recovery if you do not do them too much or too long. However, the best reason to keep some kind of run is to be prepared for your job.

Over all though I would emphasize 40-100 m sprints, and heavy carries for short distances for cardio. Very heavy, to the point you need lifting straps to hold the weight. I would even think about doing only carries besides your distance run for your job requirement.

I agree–5 3 1 is good. Consistency is the only thing that will solve your problem. Take time to master 1 program

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Any 531 variation followed as written is awesome. Good choice.

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