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What Am I Doing Wrong?



Ive been training for a little over 2 years now and im now having some real trouble. Im 6' tall and weigh 245lbs. My main problem is that I recently seem to be getting WEAKER week by week. I follow a 4 day split training of:

Day 1 - back and biceps
Day 2 - thighs and calfs
Day 3 - rest
Day 4 - shoulders
Day 5 - chest and triceps
Day 6 & 7 - rest

My diet is good (wont go into detail) and is approx 4800cal, 400g protein, 550g carbs and 140g of fat. This may seem high but my metabolism is super fast.

Problem - I seem to have been getting weaker and weaker over the past 6 to 8 weeks. For example I was checking my old training diary and a year ago I was benching 190lbs for 7 reps on my final set; I went to the gym last week and benched 160 for 8 reps - considering the weight I have gained I actually cant shift any more weight!?

This problem is right across the spectrum as well all of my exercises are considerably weaker than what I used to lift. I am very weak for my size anyway and havent ever really been able to shift much weight but I have grown; but I know i shouldnt be getting weaker??

Possible causes - All I cant think of is overtraining... This week I have slept over 9 hours a night and I am still yawning and lathargic throguht the day - went to the gym today and could barley shift the 40lb dumbbells for shoulder pressing.

Can anyone help??



I usually don't post responses like this, but I would guess that you just need to ramp up your intensity.


Have you seen a doctor? It sounds to me like your issues may lie outside the gym. Good luck.


Do you mean decrease volume and increase intensity?


hmmm havent really considered that as I have assumed it is a gym/training thing. I think its a good idea, thanks.


i think he means something more along the lines of actual EFFORT you put in...


if you do see a doctor, i would suggest really pushing to get blood work done.


I understand what your saying but I dont see how it would help?



if you have been getting weaker and fatter for the last YEAR then you probably just arent working hard enough

you arent getting stronger because you arent moving more weight

you are getting fatter because you keep eating but if there are no strength gains, you wont be making any MUSCLE gains either

i dont see any instance where putting in more effort wouldnt help


2 years of training and you can't even bench your body weight for 8 reps? Something seems off to me.


This has to be a joke.


That caught my eye as well. If your bench is 190 lbs for 7 reps, after two years, then something is amiss. I'm not one for focusing on numbers as long as progress is being made, but if you weigh 245 at 6ft I would expect a bigger bench than that.


Let me play doctor.
First, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "Am I training as hard as I possibly can?"
Second, log your food to the finest amount and see how it breaks down
Third, determine your amount of sleep and stress

After you know all these things you will be far better off.

Also, are you doing the same exercises each shoulder day or back and bi's day? Switch things up including different rep schemes. Maybe take a whole week off. Trust me, Ima doctor :slight_smile: