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What Am I Doing Wrong?

Okay, so I have been training the last few weeks. I admit I am not to the point where I’m seeing physical results, but I think something is wrong with my workout.

So no matter how hard I work out I’m not getting any soreness. My weakest part is my shoulders, so I have been working them out overtime. Four days ago I did some overhead presses, upright rows, anterior and lateral raises. I do this to 3x12 or failure, whichever comes first (if I make it, its close). The next day I have no soreness whatsoever. I tried it the day before yesterday, same thing. Tonight I went in and trained every last one of them to failure… I have a feeling it won’t matter.

And this is happening to pretty much all muscle groups excluding legs and obliques. I do pullups to failure (assisted so I can do 3x12) and nothing. Dips, I get some burn but slight. Traps, nothing. Abs, nothing. Glutes (I’m trying HARD to work glutes) nothing. And I’m doing multiple exercises to failure, and getting no soreness whatsoever (even after doing full-body workouts every other day)!

The only thing I can think of is that my doctor gives me muscle relaxers for these horrible headaches I get (I guess its caused by muscle tension in the temples). I’m wondering if the Soma isn’t destroying my muscle building. Or maybe I’m still going to grow, but the muscle relaxer isn’t allowing me to tighten up overnight.

I don’t know what to do. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, but I want some expert advice. I want to make sure even if I have no pain, I’ll still have some gain. :slight_smile:

I don’t think muscle soreness (or DOMS) is a good indicator of growing muscles. I only ever feel my legs & maybe my back after training them a day or two before. All other bodyparts seem to not get sore in the days following a workout.

If you’re working hard & eating enough of the right foods you should improve in size, I wouldn’t worry too much on the lack of soreness - may actually be seen as a positive IMO. If you been training for only last few weeks, just give it time & you should see your body and the weights you’re lifting improve.

give us an example.

what weight are you shoulder pressing 3x12?

train harder

Fuck, I get sore all the time and I fucking love it!

As for your shoulders, is the weight on your overhead press still making progress…? If not then I’d suggest actually decreasing the volume and prioritizing the OHP for example…