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'What am I Doing' Log

I know its a bad title for a thread about working out, but, seeing as I’m not quite there all the time I thought what the hell. So enough with all the politeness.

In this thread, I’m going to be writing all my workouts and nutrition inputs for the day. The past month has been a mild gaining time for me. I gained 10 pounds just from eating and taking a few supplements. My body has become taxed so I’m going to be taking a few days off to let my body recover. I’m starting back on Monday.

I guess the whole reason why I want to do this is for some insight on what I can do or improve on. Hopefully the people here can give me some pointers on helping me to achieve some goals of mine.

Speaking of goals, why not say what they are?

  1. First and foremost, I am a sprinter. I want to decrease my time in the 100 meter. Right now I’m at 10.8 or .9. Within the next ensuing months, I want to get my time down to 10.5. That seems like a logical goal.

  2. I want to, of course, get stronger.

  3. As much as I do, I have never had a full 6 pack. I came close to one when I was in 11th grade but got lazy. So I’m back on that again.

  4. And finally, this should probably be number 1, or 2, I want to fulfill my goals. I want to, I need to, stop being so damned lazy in the things I do.

So… there you have it. I’m going to try to post some pictures soon. My physique isn’t that great. So bash me all you want or can. I can take criticism fairly well.

Ok? That’s enough. I’ll see ya’ll on Monday. Until then, punch somebody in the face and say “What now, biatch?!”


Let me see. Last night I got to bed around 11:15 and fell asleep around 11:45.

Woke up at 5:50 and got out of bed at 6 a.m.
6:05 - 24g whey protein shake.

6:30 - Got to the track:
1.5 warm-up lap
Stretched 10 minutes
400, 250, 200, 150… All runs were done at 50%

7:30 - Got home and took a shower

8:00 - Breakfast:
2.5 egg whites
Slice of toast with slice of turkey breast
2 cups of water

9 - Took a one hour nap

11:20 - Gym workout (Shoulders/Arms)
Arnold Press/Hammer Curls - A few warm up sets, 2x8, 1x6 (Highest weight 45 lbs.)
Arm Curls - 3x12 (Highest weight… 35lbs)
Bent Over Lat Raise - 2x15, 1x10 (17lbs/20lbs)
Overhead Triceps Ext. - 3x8 (40,50,60lbs)
Alternating Hammer Curl (Quick Succession) - 3x12 (30lbs)
Twisting Straight Arm Raise - 2x10 (20lbs)
Pull Ups - 3x6,5,5 (3 seconds up, hold 1 sec., 4 seconds down…1 minute rest)

12:40 - Leave Gym

12:50 - Went to Potbelly’s on the way home and got a sandwich. Turkey, Roast beef, salami, and chicken with two different types of cheese with a small bag of chips

1:00 - 2:1:1 Recovery Shake (24g)

1:10 - Ate sandwich

4:00 - One Little Debby Swedish Swirl

6:45 - Dinner. Cauliflower Soup (16oz), Cucumber Salad (.5 of), Albacore Tuna Sandwich made with mayo, relish, and pecans.

9:45 - Haagen Dazs Vanilla & Almond Snack Size Ice Cream

Well, I gotta say from my running, today, and for the next few months, it’s going to be a pain in the ass do get back into form and have the breath to run a good run.

The gym workout, although it looks kinda small, was relatively hard. I wasn’t seeing a pump like I typically would. But when I finished up with the bent over lat raises, things started to get good. Blood was flowing and I couldn’t help but take shorter breaks. It was a really good workout, one of which I haven’t had in quite a while.

… Till tomorrow

Well, it’s come to my attention that I forgot to add my stats when I first started this log. Let me see…

Height - 5"9"
Weight - 155

Bench - 165 3RM
Squat - Idk… My legs aren’t allowing me to do this one yet. A few months ago it was 315 2RM… Of which I could’ve gone higher. I had to stop cause my lower back was acting up a little.

Roman Dead Lift - 365… My Roman Dead Lift has always been higher than my squat. Not sure why. Anyway I can help change this? I’d really like to know.

Arnold Press - 50 4RM… I can’t do the regular Military Press because of my shoulder. If I do the MP movement, my shoulder pops. Every time.

Soon, soon, soon I will post a pic so I can be laughed and criticized at. Soon, soon, soon.

Well, my browser “experienced an error” and shut down. I dont know why. I had all my info in there for the day. Here is the workouts. I’m to tired to re-write it all.

Track workout started at 6:35 and went to 7:50
1.5 warm-up lap
Stretch for a few minutes
100-100-100… 50 meter walk between runs and 100m walk btwn sets
After run I stretched for 10 minutes and after the stretch I massaged each calf for 2 minutes and 1 minute each for my quad and hammy

Around 1:40 I drank a NO product

2:15 - Workout (Chest/Arms)
Bench press - A few warm-up sets, went up to 165 for last warm-up 3x, 2x6, 1x4… last set at 155
Arm curl - 1x20 (15lbs), 1x15 (17.5lbs), 1x10 (20lbs), 1x6 (25lbs)
Incline BP - 3x8
Hammer Curl - 2x12
Decline BP - 2x12
Pull Ups - 3x6,5,5 (3 seconds up, hold 1 sec., 4 seconds down…1 minute rest)

The track workout was ok. My osgood-schlatters was acting up a little after I ran. But the stretching and massage did me good.

A reason I did arms again today is because, well, my biceps are way behind the rest of my arm. This routine, which I’ve been doing for about 3 weeks, has helped bring more peak and width into my arms. Granted it hurts like a bitch but it gets the job done.

Well, you know what? I don’t give a shit about food today, or working out. It’s my off day. Only bad thing is I didn’t really eat that much.

My whole body is sore from the running from yesterday. And from the two days of pull up apparently are acting on my muscles between the lats and the shoulders. Not so great.

Damn it. I have inventory tonight. 11pm to 3am. I need ya’ll to say something thatll help me wake up early.

… till tomorrow

So last night I had to do inventory at my job from 11pm to 1:30am. I got home and ate an ice cream and went to sleep (one of those small haagan dasz ice creams)

So… I had full intentions of getting up at 6. My alarm clock went off across the room, I got up, turned it off, and, unfortunately, I went right back to sleep. I woke up at 10.

Around 10:15 I drank 1 24g protein shake. And ate breakfast soon after. 2 eggs, some bread, and coffee.

Around 12:30 I drank my NO2 drink and went to the gym

1:15 Workout (arms)
E-z bar arm curl - A few sets for warm up. 2x8 at 45lbs, 1x6 at 55lbs
Skull Crushers - A few sets for warm up. 2x10 at 55lbs, 1x8 at 65lbs
Dumbbell Shrugs - A few sets for warmup. 2x12 at 50lbs, 1x10 at 65lbs
Dumbbell Arm Curl - 3x10 at 30lbs
Over head triceps ext. - 2x8 at 60 lbs, 1x5 at 75lbs
Barbell Shrugs - 2x10 at 90lbs (Needed to go easy because my traps felt like they were getting overly tight)
Pull ups - 1x6,5,5,4,5

I’m sure I should be putting up what I eat, but, let’s face it… I’m to damn lazy.

… till tomorrow