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What All Women Need





It's a total cosmic joke, right? The creators are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank?


i didnt even watch the video but fuck my aunt bought one and now she is talking about how she can feel her arms getting tone.......i just want to go all tourettes on her. Granted she is in her 60's so maybe she just hasnt used any muscles for anything lately but i offered to get her going in the gym and she says, "no the shake weight is working really well now, but thanks"


ive never heard of this before.....what?


That things not new, but ya...retarded.


I'd thought that you, of all people, would have known it..




I was also being sarcastic!




There's still people who haven't seen this? Really? I'm waiting for the "LOL Numa Numa!!" thread, next. :wink:


"dynamic inertia" lol wtf. this literally hurt to watch.



I thought this was a thread about me. Op, be more descriptive in your titles.

That is all.


This isn't real.

Is it?

If someone in my general vicinity was seen using one of these, I'm punch them in their fucking ankles until they fell over.