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What AI and DHT Blockers to Use?

Planning on running a test only cycle but unsure on which AI and DHT blockers to use?

Also not sure on the dosages and the frequency of use as this is first time.

Any help would be great thanks :+1:

Don’t expect that any is necessary. Estrogen in itself is not bad, its the ratio of Test and E that causes issues. I personally have very high Test and very high estrogen levels and feel great with great erections, etc.

If anything, consider a SERM like nolvadex to protect breast tissue from gyno.

Edit: Here is my bloodwork from a week or so ago.

OK thanks, would you run the nolvadex during cycle? I was planning on using it but as a PCT treatment

You can or you can just have it on hand and be sensitive to any nipple tenderness or small lumps. You run about 20 mg/day and kick it up feel something.

What’s your weekly dosage , injection frequency , for those levels if ya don’t mind me asking ?

When blasting - 500/week/2 pins 30 mg Nolva, cruise is 250/week/2 pins no SERMs.

The 1866 and 127 … is that blast or cruise ? I’m guessing cruise

Also 30 mgs nolva , daily ?

Blast. Cruise puts me around 900 total test.

30 a day during a blast. I use a liquid