What Age Do You Wish You Started TRT?

The age vs. symptoms debate prompted me the question.

If we allow men to develop after puberty, it’s likely many, if not most, would still greatly benefit from improved energy, mood, and overall health benefits gained from an optimal TRT protocol.

Would you have started TRT at a younger age assuming TRT has helped you thus far?

I’m curious what it would have felt like trying something like proviron during my college years when libido was already out of control just for the hell of it, but TRT wise I started within a year of needing it so I didn’t suffer for years like some

I wish I would have got on TRT in my mid-twenties but with the maturity I have in my mid-thirties. Had I got on during my twenties I would not have had the patience to figure it out and likely would have lead to me not ever getting on TRT. So I guess the correct answer is mid-thirties for me.

Hmm, I’m in my mid-twenties, but I rather suffer Hell now for a better tomorrow. And you’re correct, timing is everything. Most people are definitely not patient enough for something like TRT.

Yeah I meant for me. Had I not tried prescription pain killers until my 30’s It would have also been a more positive outcome.

18, but with proper protocol that would actually somewhat work for me. I don’t need to feel like superman, I just want to feel normal. Too bad I’m 23 now and still didn’t figure it out. The only thing I got from Test are muscles and more masculine face, but too bad that I lost majority of my muscle mass due to suicidal depression combined with extreme drinking.

That’s what you get for having inferior genes, inept doctors and internet gurus pushing AI’s.

@meisterxx97 If you don’t mind me asking, what was your bloodwork before going on TRT and why do you think it was below average at such a young age?

What have you tried and what are you currently doing?

It’s a long story(Which I will probably post in my own thread once I get chance to do current labs, currently abroad for work) but after getting hit in the back of the head and testicles. I started to feel weak, worse, timid, no libido etc. Even though I have this maniacal drive that I want more from life, this life is all we have after all. I had no desire to chase after women, even though I always “admired” their “ASSets” C: After many trials and errors with bloodwork(Thyroid, anemia, diabetes) I decided to check my testosterone. And it turned out that I have indeed low T:

First test came back with 270 ng/dl of TT.

Second one 190ng/dl with E2 of 24pg/ml.

It’s a long story. But I tried to work with doctors, UGL test and nothing really worked. So I gave up and stayed for a long time on 120mg of cyp/week with 6.25mg of aromasin twice a week. Built some good mass despite feeling like unmanly little shit and drinking to even get through the day, to the point of becoming highly functional alcoholic in my 20s.

Pretty much everything besides E3.5D, EOD or ED injections.

120mg of test cyp/week at peak, puts me only at:
660 ng/dl of TT
50-70 pg/ml of E2
I don’t know what’s the actual problem with me. But I always feel E2 side effects, no matter if 100mg/week, 120, 150 or 250.

Other example:
250mg of Susta/week at peak:
1300 ng/dl TT
80 pg/ml E2
Which is bizzare.

Currently at 60mg of cyp E3.5D without any AI’s. We’ll see how that works in a few weeks. I realise it’s all chaotic, hopefully I’ll get home soon and make a proper thread.

It’s a tough journey, but seems like you still have numerous options left. T Cyp with no AI and no HCG for 6-8 weeks, get bloodwork and reassess if still not were you want to be. Then try EOD, then ED. Maybe you’re not sticking with a protocol long enough for it to sync with your body, that seems to have been my blunder that I’m currently fixing.

This makes me think your SHBG might be on the higher end. You’ll likely need a higher weekly dose of T Cyp and with more frequent injections (EOD/ED). But don’t change anything until you are absolute your current protocol is a dud.

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Funny thing about my SHGB is that no one ever bothered to check it. Like ever, I didn’t even know it was necessary. And docs here in Poland aren’t exactly the smartest bunch. My SHGB was 9 nm/ol when I abused Aromasin. Haven’t checked that since quitting AIs. What scares me is my overaromatisation, I’m 5’10 185lbs around 15%. Not much of visible love handles either, but I always feel like a total bitch day after the shot, so it has to be E2, despite what some on this forum will say. I generally feel like shit 24/7, but day after shot is unbearable.

Like I said, we’ll see in a couple of weeks. I decided to not drink on this new protocol. No AI, no alcohol. Which will be hard to do obviously. C:

I’d bet you likely didn’t use the sensitive E2 test and your E2 is lower than the 50-70 @ 660 total T.

Yeah, definitely sounds like too high a dose. More frequent shots will likely be your saving grace. And I agree with @dextermorgan, the E2 levels don’t add up.

Here’s my E2 (non-sensitive) before TRT.

Correct. We only have standard Estradiol test here. If you can call it that way. I know how high and low E2 feels like though. I’m all for “no AI” approach as AI caused me troubles, but maybe for some, there is simply no other way.

Just be careful with what you think you “know”. It took a good year for me to un-know what I thought I knew was going on. What I thought was high E2 was low E2 at times. In reality it didn’t really matter what high E2 or low E2 is. You just adjust your dose up or down after 8 weeks, give it another 8 and then see what feels better. Eventually you figure out what’s best.


Well, high E2 is obvious:

  • bitchiness
  • lethargy
  • agressivness
  • crying episodes
  • soft/weak erections
  • watery/rubbery feeling in the dick
  • dead libido
  • horrible body acne and red skin
  • brain fog

Low E2:

  • joint pain and clicking
  • less acne, pale dry skin
  • harder erections, all though no libido
  • extreme jealousy
  • schizoid episodes
  • horrible brain fog
  • feeling all dried up, dehydrated

I don’t know which one is worse at this point.

Nothing is as obvious as it seems. Yes, those are the general symptoms people quote, but plenty have been wrong on whether they were high/low when they were sure they were one or the other

Crash your E2 and you’ll have your answer. You forgot to add these to the low E2 list

  • feeling like death
  • wanting to die
  • surprised things could get this bad
  • looking for rope after realizing this is going to last weeks

High E2 is meaningless if you have high Testosterone. One is supposed to coincide with the other. Many folks use the phrase “high E2” as a way to explain not feeling good without a defined cause. Do I think some folks have issues with high E2? Yes. But I think most have read it on internet forums so much that they psychologically think it into existence every time things are going well. I’m talking from personal experience of previously being one of those people and it took an act of God for me to change my thinking on that.

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Had those as well for a while. I forgot cold sweats and itchy, VERY itchy skin. And I’m playing with a rope at this point anyways, so. C:

I agree. I’m open to try higher dose than my current 60mg E3.5D. But I want to make things right this time, so I’ll stick to it. I just wish I had someone to guide me when I started. Might’ve been much different. But oh well.

I didn’t start till I was 52 but wish I started at 45 when my symptoms begin.The most noticeable was loss of muscle mass and strength although I was training as I always have. Also started having libido and performance issues along with an increase in body fat. I tried just about every otc product there was but nothing helped.