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What Age Do You Recommend to Start Taking Steroids?

I’ve been training ever since I was 14 years old, so 5 years in all but not consistently sometimes taking breaks up to 4-6 months at a time
haven’t made much big gains during my first 4 years due to a sh*t poor diet. But this last year is where I blew up I’m terms of gains due to perfecting my diet. I would say that I’m above average when it comes to genetics as I tend to grow a lot quicker than most people I know that have solid training & a good diet. Anyways, I was thinking of taking gear next year when I’m 20 years old. Starting a test cypionate only cycle on 500mg per week as I’m thinking of competing in the future. Is it too early to start a cycle? I’ll post a few pictures of my current physique so you guys can tell me if there’s still some possible room for more growth. Btw, my Instagram is the same username as on here for more pics

why you want to start gear ? i look at your shape and you look really great for your age ! if you start gear and lower your testosterone forever, you won’t like your life…you are in good track stay like that


Man that’s a tough one. It’s usually easy because guys who are 20 tend not to have an understanding of how much potential they have and very few of them are ever going to compete. But you want to compete. And you look great. You dialed in your diet and look at the results. So you’ve probably got a lot more left in the tank before you need to hit the gear. I’d say give yourself another year and assess your progress. If by age 21 you’ve hit a wall and you’re still hungry to compete then you can revisit the issue. But don’t sell yourself short. Because once you’re on that train it’s pretty hard to get off of it.


5 years of training is a great base to begin if you want to take the plunge. I see guys all the time jumping on gear with a lot less training than that. Just be smart and limit your 1st cycle to 12 weeks with at least that long off cycle before you think about another.

As far as age is concerned I was 17 when I started for my 1st teenage show. Most of your elite level bodybuilders usually have started in their late teens. Jay Cutler 4x Mr Olympia and 6 x runner up won his 1st Teen National show at 19 years of age, and got his Pro card at 21. He definitely had some years of solid training and gear use prior to that.

Here’s the thing… With responsible use your natural test level production will return to normal if you run a responsible cycle (say 12 weeks) and use the proper post cycle therapy. Usually Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) and Clomid (Clomiphene) along with HCG and your natural levels are good to go.

BTW… when I first started out I used 1cc of Test Cyp at 200 mgs per week and 10 mgs of Dbol. Thats it. I was in my teens and I grew like a MFer! All this talk about you need to jump on 500 mgs of Test or you’re wasting your money is horse shit. Let your food/nutrition drive your gains and use the minimal amount of gear you need to make progress. If you do it like that you won’t plateau out, you won’t gain 20 lbs of water weight that you lose as soon as you stop your gear, and you’ll dramatically limit your potential side effects.

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You’re definitely in good shape, but some unfiltered/unflexed pics would give a better assessment of your overall condition. What’s you’re height and current weight?

It definitely would be, but he doesn’t have a base of five years of training. He’s got one.

That’s an oversimplification and pretty wishful thinking. The odds are much, much more likely that he’ll start a snowball of physiological trouble by interrupting his natural Test production at this age, even with PCT.

I agree 100%. And the minimal amount of gear he needs is zero. He’s seeing awesome progress now that his consistency, training, and diet are dialed in. There’s no added benefit to cycling any time soon.

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And my height is 173cm and I weight about 77kg at the moment

I would like to add to this, using gear at any age can easily cause anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism. I will find the literature later but there’s this one study that shows more than half of all ex AAS users meet the clinical criteria for hypogonadism. There’s no “foolproof” way to cycle, no matter the age, dose duration etc, it will always have risks.

173cm… Fuck why is everyone so tallllllllllllllllll

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173cm isn’t tall at all, most guys are taller than me xD

Heeeeeyyyyyy let’s not make me depressed here, anything over 165cm is giant

Also you look great unflexed, but why are you nude?

I beg to differ, I feel like a dwarf next to other guys. Most dudes are at least 5’10

Aaaaaaaaa I don’t want to hear this even if it’s true


I like taking them straight after a shower cause of the vascularity thta comes out, nothing kinky or shit

186cm here and I’m average height in my country…

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@Chris_Colucci I apologize if this is an innapropriate/ highly personal question to ask (but im powering through anyway lol). Buuut, have you ever used anabolic steroids? (If you’re username is you’re real name or the question puts you in potential legal trouble then don’t answer, just say no, no comment, malva pudding, derp or don’t answer)

I have my calculator out here to converting to freedom units.


(6’2" since Junior High, checking in.)

Hey man, no prob. I haven’t used, nope. I did get tested a few years ago when I turned 35 and it came back diagnosing legit low T (not interested in getting into the details here though). I addressed some nutrition issues, mainly more dietary fats and Vitamin D, and it bumped up my levels from very low to less-low, but that’s technically still an option if I want to go that route.

This. Minimum effective dosage is the smart way to do it while maintaining your health. FTR I’m not necessarily talking about the OP, I’m agreeing in general.

Solid start, man. Like I said, you’re definitely on track but there’s no reason for gear yet.

FWIW, Mighty Stu competed natural at your height and began one of his last contests weighing 35+ pounds more than you are now. You’ve got plenty of room to grow before anabolics need to be part of the conversation.

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5’5 since junior high checking in (crying emoji)

I know you’re not interested in talking about it but it would be a good idea to check out the cause OF the low T (like pituitary pathology, I mean if I had a tumour I’d want to know about it ya know). If it’s just secondary hypogonadism it could be reversible depending on the cause of the secondary hypogonadism (like if a medication is causing it withdrawl from said medication can reverse the hypogonadism. high intensity, frequent endurance exercise can spike cortisol and plummet T, however you’re pretty young aren’t you. Age related decline in T is uncommon in young guys with otherwise healthy lifestyles such as yourself.

Also crash dieting from BB comp preparation can cause a reversible state of low T. There’s this one study I forgot where it is that showed this guy who prepped for a comp, T fell from 900mg/DL to 200ng/DL at Comp time then back up to 900 a few months post comp