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What after volume(mass training) and heavy weights(strenght)??

I trained for 6 weeks doing mostly 5 sets of 10 reps with about 60% maximum weights. Ate lots of protein and some ZMA and Tribolan. Then for about 3 weeks I have used heavier weights much less reps and did some personal bests. I have done a couple of max squats, and few sets of 2-5 reps with near max weights. But now I want to increase the size of muscles even more, so what would the smartest thing to do now? To go again more reps/less weight style? Bodyfat is about 6-7% now, and I can lose some more very “easily”, so what to do to get more muscle again? Any other suggestions than 5 sets of 10 reps @ 60%max?

I would give EDT a try. It is different from what you have been doing and has worked great for me for the past 3 weeks. It also is very hypertrophic. With your apparent high metabolism, it may have a disadvantage in being aerobic as well but all you have to do to overcome that is to eat BIG.

Go back to training for hypertrophy (i.e. higher volume, higher reps). There are tons of hypertrophy-type workouts available through T-mag. Just read through some of the previous issues. A few would be German Volume Training 2000 and Escalating Density Training.