What After Beat the Apocalypse?

Hi Coach-
I am half way through your bodyweight Beat the Apocalypse program.What would you recommend from a bodyweight prospective that one do when they complete the program?
Thanks for the great and interesting routine and for your advice.

I have phase 2 coming up Friday, MUCH harder :slight_smile:

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Thanks,Coach-- looking forward to it.

Does that include the home gym addition? My buddy and I are on week 4 of 6. The sessions are some of the hardest we’ve ever done. Our sets are often very long with 20-60 rests between reps. It’s ridiculous hard.

Might I make a suggestion? It would be very helpful if we had some clarity on the weights needed. For instance at 5% range of a 1RM would be appreciated. We get merced every single workout and they last anywhere from 2-3 hours.

Not a percentage based approach but

For a more granular explanation check out “SHOULD YOU TRAIN TO FAILURE?” on CTs site thibarmy.

Yes, there will be a new version of the 3 programs

Well, there is an RPE prescription. Which should allow you to select the proper weight for you.