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What after ABHH I?

I am about to wrap up the second phase of ABHH I. I have had great results. What program should I follow it up with. I am planning to start ABHH II. Any suggestions?

Sorry it should be ABBH!

I can’t remember which article it was, but one suggestion from ‘W’ was to follow ABBH I with ABBH II with Quattro Dynamo.

If your primary goal is hypertrophy, perform:

Quattro Dynamo
Single’s Club

If your primary goal is strength with subsequent hypertrophy gains, perform:

Single’s Club

what about just strength…I really dont want to gain much weight…I know if I keep my calories down this will help…

but if yous pure simple strenght is my goal?


Yes, weight-gain is ultimately determined by your eating plan. If you don’t want much muscle, eat at/below maintenance.