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What Adventures Have You Been On?


I just read this and realized that, even though I am turning 21 in a couple of months, I have not been on any real adventures, save the random gorge jumping trips at school and weekend trips from time to time.

I wanted to know if any of you have been on any sick excursions, and/or recommend anything?
Preferably it would be inexpensive.


I reccomend enlisting.
Uncle Sam loves you enough to send you to new and exciting places to do amazing things.
I dove in Okinawa, drove convoys in Iraq, and now I'm going hunting and skydiving in Montana. God know what's next.
It's great.
You're young, and hopefully in decent shape. You're also looking for something inexpensive. US Armed Forces'll cover you.


I embarked on an Odyssey-esque trip and had to return home to take care of some unfinished business only to realize that this wasn't really home.


The OP might not be down with the whole "going to war" thing. That's one little part that turns some folks off.


lol I was lost in the smokey mountains once. I only spent four extra days out there before I finally found a road. I didn't panic. Actually I thought of it as fun and it was. I was well armed and had enough gear and supplies to keep me going. I found a trail, but got off of it when a bear crossed the path about 23 meters ahead of me. After that I started sleeping way up in the trees.

I also got to go up in a hot air baloon one time. That was cool, but it got boring.


or dying. Alot of people are turned off by the prospect of possibly dying


cancun. right after high school lets out.

i mean college. yeah college.


Hiked to the top of Kilimanjaro. Totally cool.


I love adventures, so when you say "real adventure", I assume you mean something hard, something well worth the effort.


Taught for a year in Japan.

Found abandoned Mayan temples using Google Earth and then trekked eight days from Cancun to get to them.

Took a three-month trek across the Rocky Mountains.

The last one was the cheapest, since I walked the entire time, and only took one backpack filled with the most minimal of items. If you've never experienced a thunderstorm at 14,000 feet elevation, it will be a hell of an adventure. This weird static field happens, and all your hair stands on end, you hear this weird buzz, and that basically means you have thirty seconds to get as low as possible before hell happens. Absolutely horrifying and amazing.


I enlisted in the Marine Corps..
Ive gotten arrested in santa barbara, stole bottles of liquor from casinos in las vegas, snorted X at the craziest parties in L.A., dropped acid in Venice beach, and did recon foot patrols in Iraq... good thing the last part was in 2008.


Adventures? Plenty of them.......


yeah, two great points ... although whats an adventure without the prospect of dying? Sounds like hiking through the rocky mountains during a thunderstorm is slightly dangerous.

Who do you go on these trips with? Most of my friends are pussies/ I am not very good at rallying the troops, so I can't really get people to go with me. do you guys normally do this stuff on your own?


I feel like I should know what this means, but I really have no idea.


as long as you don't mean middle school. right. right??


Yeah, cuz unless you are in the military, you're pretty much immune to dying. Especially if you're looking for some adventure. Adventure without risk is the best kind. Right?


I have no problem with adventure. I love traveling and have done my share of mildly insane things. If I got my way with my career, I'd be in other countries reporting and writing.

However, that differs from joining the military. All I'm saying.


Did you drink too many cans of Monster Energy today?


That's not what I meant, and anyone with half a brain knows that. An adventure involving armed insurgents and half a nation that hates you for existing isn't my kind of adventure.


"An adventure involving armed insurgents and half a nation that hates you for existing isn't my kind of adventure." is a stretch from, "Alot of people are turned off by the prospect of possibly dying".

So what is your idea on an "adventure"? Going wicked fast on twisty road?


I went to Moscow and had sex for 11 days straight.