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What Actually Increases SHBG?

26 male/ 161/ history of low testosterone.

im just posting because my SHBG in 2016 was at 56 and now its at 79 (high) whats the cause of this? I have a pituitary tumor but it seems non functional

Alcohol, Benzos, Opiates, Lisinopril, NSAIDS (there are more meds, but not super common)

Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts.

uhm i dont eat or take any of these. i guess it might be liver issues

Anything that causes liver dysfunction can also increase shbg. Do you have liver labs?

Also, exposure to mold or other environmental toxins can cause it. Oh I forgot Finasteride/ Accutane

ill post when the power gets back on. im using cellphone. i was wondering. could creatine supplement cause high shbg? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/14685870/

Yes I remember reading this also. So, yes Creatine also increases it.

damnnn so in reality i might have low test (total of 250 and free of 295) due to taking creatine daily (5g)? i wonder if my test will return to normal levels after a few months just from stopping this. im guessing i might have liver damage? its odd because million of people uses this supplement without risks

Its one of the most researched supplements ever. The fact that it increases DHT and SHBG does not make it dangerous, just not as beneficial with someone with high SHBG.

Your SHBG is high which is artificially increasing your total test. If you were to lower your SHBG, your total test would tank even further.

You’re gonna need trt.

Could you please elaborate on what high shgb implies for testosterone levels? What do you mean by high shgb artificially increasing testosterone?

heres my shbg. when going off creatine my total test went from 280 to 250 which means shbg was a bit lower than 79? lastly, but what if total test goes down but free keeps going back up. would that still require trt? maybe since i might have kidney or liver problems it can be fixed?

SHBG binds to testosterone and makes it unusable. So if your SHBG is high, your free testosterone is low. Also, your Total Test will be artificially inflated by the test that is bound up by the SHBG.

So say you have a TT of 600, but your SHBG is high. If you lowered your SHBG, your free test would increase, but your TT would decrease.

So lets say OP lowers his SHBG. OK, so now you will have more free testosterone, but you only have 200 TT, which will actually go lower because you lowered your SHBG.
So if you he lowers his SHBG, his Total test will go even lower.

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@anon10035199 thanks for the clarification. Apologies for the hijacking. This will be my last question. I’m asking because my blood test showed 14.5nmol/L which from what I understand is abysmal for a 24yo. My shbg is also extremely high, somewhere around 115. Yet I’m not experiencing any of the low t symptoms?

ahhh i get it. damn this sucks. this means theres no way around naturally then. even if free increases, total will shrink down. but isnt free the most important one since it runs around the body? lastly i think ill continue creatine just so the doctor knows i have both free and total because if he sees one higher he might say no trt and im tired of jumping doc to doc for this

np buddy shoot! this forum is to help everyone

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@anon10035199’s response is spot on … “everything” can increase SHBG and no one understands what to do about it!

My thread on the subject of my insanely high SHBG.

The most common answer for high SHBG is “inflammation” … what the hell does that mean … “inflammation of what?”.

But @valexi7, you need labwork to be sure of where you are having issues.

Do you wake up every morning with an erection? I cant imagine an SHBG that high and not having any low test symptoms.

I think so yea. I’m not entirely sure I’ll get back to you tmrw morning lel

If your not sure, then probably not. When I’m dialed in, there is no question. It wakes you up.

@anon10035199 Hmm I see. May have to get another blood test to see if the results are consistent. Libido seems fine, I’ve put on a fair amount of muscle&strength in the past year so I’m pretty confused here. One thing I have is a terrible sleep schedule. I tend to go to bed around 6:30am and wake up around 3pm. Yes it’s that bad and it’s something I’m working to fix this summer. I wonder if that might be playing a role.