What Actually Happens When You Make a Protocol Change?

Hi guys,
This is more of a nerdy, inquisitive question… but what actually physically happens in the body when you make a protocol change? Why are there issues and negatives when you make a change, what is actually happening in the body to give us these initial blips? Thanks

If you are in your first year, protocol changes will send your endocrine system into a restart kind of mode and it could induce some negatives or not. After the first year a protocol changes doesnt affect me as much, perhaps lowering my dose will, and Im sure that less T will make an impact if your body was used to it. Raising my dose is more welcomed by my body, so it may not necessarily be negative, but going into flux will send me into feeling a little off or moody while I adjust. It all depends on how well your body adjusts to a dose change.

You’re kind of giving your body/system instructions to change a whole bunch of functions. Homeostasis is a thing and your body needs to adapt to any changes, some positive, and some not. It really wants you to live. So some people based on their genetic makeup, health, etc will acclimate quickly and others it could be a little bumpy. @middleages says he has no problem increasing but dropping may be an issue. Im the opposite. I can drop way down and never get any symptoms but if I increase my dose by even 10mg a week my sebaceous glands start to produce more oil and I get a little acne for a week or two and may add a pound or two of water. But it all subsides.

If you want general specifics (oxymoron?) you will need to dig into Androgen Receptors (AR) and how they regulate different bodily functions. Which sufficed to say if you alter how you are affecting them you alter the systems they serve.

" The AR, located on the X chromosome, is expressed in a diverse range of tissues and as such androgens have been documented to have significant biological actions in bone, muscle, prostate, adipose tissue and the reproductive, cardiovascular, immune, neural and haemopoietic systems ."

I think everyone must respond differently because I read about people who seem to have been severely affected by minute changes, and I am always perplexed because I don’t notice much change at all whether I pin 100 mg/wk or 200 mg/wk or pin twice weekly vs once. About the only time I’ll feel a difference is if I’m blasting and then my erections improve but that’s about it. Regardless of whether I’m doing 100 or 500 mg a week I’ll always ‘feel’ about the same.

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I went from 200mg per week of test cyp, IM .25ml, M W FRI SA

to 100mg .25ml Mon & Fri

can’t tell any difference. labs are useless from having run Deca for 12 weeks last fall.

What does blasting mean?

Sorry…wrong forum for that I guess ;^ )

Blasting is going above your TRT prescribed protocol with more test and/or other androgenic compounds. Simply a steroid cycle. Another term you may hear with it is cruising, which is your TRT protocol. Some like to “blast and cruise”, a steroid cycle then back to “cruising” on TRT.