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What Accessories on Which Days?


What accessories do you guys recommend doing on the days?


that’s what’s so great about the program. You can do whatever assistance you like


Sometimes I read the book that Jim brought out and follow that. other times I read the bool that jim brought out (2nd) edition and read the Q&A. now and then I read beyond 531 and use a template from there.

Chins. everyday.


Ttriumvirate and once a fortnight add a big arm-pumpathon to one of the press days.

Bunch of guys here had really good results from ‘bodybuilding’ assistance template (half way down)…


Triumvirate for going on 10 years now - though I do sneak a few fsl sets in with different rep counts now and then


Past the supplemental work, I liked playing the accessory stuff by ear.


Since I like to hit main work and/or supplemental work hard and do some conditioning I don’t normally go apeshit with my assistance. Chins, rows, ab work, kb swings, push ups etc… have worked so far.

I’m also doing now combined assistance/conditioning after my lifting. This is done purely for social and timing purposes, but it seems to work also.