What About Weekends

i have no problem following my diet during the week, but come friday and saturday and everything goes to hell, i’ve cut out a good deal of my drinking, but i am still out late, which makes it near impossible for me to get up early enough to get my calorie intake (semi-hard gainer, i loose weight if i don’t eat enough)

does anyone else have similar problems, and how do you deal with them?

I have the same issues. I have been on the anabolic diet for (see thread) for the last few months. The good thing about this is that it allows you to be a little dirty with your diet on weekends, with not as much negative impact as your standard diet. The idea is low carb during the week, carb up during the weekends. Althogh many still advocate that yams and oatmeal are better choices than pizza anytime, I think it is safe to say that the occasional “dirty” meals during the weekend won’t hurt that much. As far as alcohol goes, I believe the original philosophy by the guy who created it was that if you want beer on the weekends, go for it. Keep it mind this is not a go ahead for a case, just another bit of motivation to sitck with the diet. The carbs will be helpful to the carb up, but sadly enough,the alcohol in beer is still not a good guy. Personally, I think this diet is the most forgiving for someone who is able to be all business during the week, but gets a tad off track during the weekends.