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What about this story for ya?


Ok, I have to admit I have a problem. I have bigorexia. I’ve even used creatine. I just can’t get the thought of having ripped abs and huge arms out of my head. Please, someone help me.

Fuck. Since when is self improvement a negative thing?

Quote === Bigorexia is also known as muscle dysmorphia, marked by an obsession with the size and shape of the body, constant working out, weight lifting, the use of supplements to “bulk up.” ===

Well folks, that’s it. We’re ALL screwed…

Quote === it becomes dangerous, especially when it involves using supplements. ===

I’m not even going to comment on this one…

Quote === Creatine may cause severe muscle cramping, diarrhea and dizziness. ===

Uhh, yeah, so…? Tossers…

Quote === Recovery from bigorexia is very difficult because, as with anorexia nervosa, the individual is usually unwilling to admit their problem. ===

Good evening everyone, my name is Mark-AUS, and I have a problem with wanting to be a huge, ripped, unit! And anyone that doesn’t like it can FUCK OFF!!!

I think those that complain just haven’t got the balls to do it. And don’t really know the ins and outs of what it is they’re reporting on - i.e. typical media.

I think it’s high time I admitted to having Bigorexia. I’ve even dabbled with a new and undetermined substance tentetively dubbed “protein”, nearly seven times a day in a volitile combination with what those “in-the-know” call “carbs” and “fats”. Sometimes, on occasion, I even resort to lifting heavy objects, known in degenerate underground circles as “weights”. Now that I’ve confessed, I shall eat soy isoflavones from the canister while my quiche warms and rent “My Best Friend’s Wedding”. Take care.

"MB Eric: Please Kill me, since 1212 A.D."


is that seriously a fucking joke?

Hey, you all sound like freaking girls. Admit it, we as a group are fucked up. Most people don’t give a shit about their bodies, and most of the rest just want to look fit. If you have any idea of how you want a certain muscle to work, or have ever baught supplements in order to gain more muscle, you are not normal. Don’t deny the truth, cuz it is close and it hurts.

Do they have a twelve step program for this?
“Hi, I am Alpha Male, and I am a Bigaholic.” Hahaha!!! I would love to see a picture of the pot bellied, uneducated, hermaphrodite that wrote this article.

Well, MBEric, if you can change, so can I damnit! I think I need to go on severe hormone treatment… I’ll start a permanent cycle of the ‘pill’ right away, as I’m obviously addicted and in a downward spiral towards an untimely and horrendous death. A good hit of progesterone will do me wonders, I’m sure… I’ll also start knitting! I now aim to be the next winner of the Welsh, open class, speed-knitting championships…!

Whaddya’ wanna bet the author of this drivel was a skinny (or fat) kid who couldn’t get a date, sat at home playing video games, got picked on and never stood up for themselves, AND chronically wet the bed until age sixteen. PUH-LEASE!! Yes there are those who take bodybuilding to an extreme. They’re called “pro’s”.
Is anyone ELSE scared shitless at the implications of this article? How about this quote: “Treatment can include therapy, behavioral changes, social support, and even medication.” Oh really? What are you gonna give me, soy burgers and chick flicks? Estrogen therapy and aerobics? I can just see some pointy-headed eunuch telling me “If you MUST exercise Mr. Dick, at least do it in a socially acceptable way. Here are your leg-warmers.” Think that’s going to get rid of my “obsession” with being big and strong, living a long and healthful life, and filling up a T-shirt with muscle? Look (and please don’t think I’m bragging here, I just want to illustrate why this article pissed me off so much), yesterday I got up at 6:00 AM, worked my day job 'till 4:00, went home and ran 3 miles, rehearsed with my band 'till 9:30, and busted my ass in the gym from 10:00-11:00. When I was done, I could barely push my hands together to lather them up in the sink. Why did I do it? Not because I had to, that’s for sure. I could have went home early, ate a burger & fries, crashed hard, and dreamt of nubile vixens running around my apartment in their underwear. BUT THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EASY!

Everyone reading this knows what I’m talking about. If you took an “average” person and put them through one of our “light” day workouts, they would probably piss themselves and quit early, whining “I didn’t know it was gonna be so HARD.” THIS is why I hang with people like you guys. They may not have perfect physiques (hell, no one does), but they know what it means to WORK HARD. They know the rewards of sweat and iron. They know how good it feels to finish that last set and wobble out of the gym, completely spent. And they know that soreness is a GOOD thing.

Sorry to rant, but I get pretty bent out of shape when insecure “intellectuals” in academia lash out at something they don’t understand, simply because they sit in envy of those who push themselves physically and mentally, AND look good 'nekkid.

No kidding…my dad referred me to this site and I wanted to tell him that was so darn stupid…since when was it a crime to want to be bigger and better or something right?

That is some fucked up shit right there. Yeah, I workout in the gym for an hour a day. OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhh, I guess that means there is something wrong with me. I WANT to look better than the fags who wrote and published this article. I even resorted to taking Vitex and Androsol, even eating 5 high protein meals per day. Man, I feel so much worse about myself than the guys who blindly nod their heads in approvement at this article and then take another drink of their mountain dew or beer. Yeah right. Guess what, I’m not normal, and neither is anyone else here on this board, they better not be. Bodybuilding is about sticking out in a crowd and taking shit in your own hands. Who would want to be normal. Let me describe to you what normal is…NOT turning the heads of god looking girls, NOT being able to look in the mirror with pride, but rather with shame, and NOT knowing what it is to work your ass off in the gym knowing that tomorrow you are going to have just a little more muscle and look just a little better then the day before. And to grunt in agony everytime you have to get up out of ur fucking lazyboy reclining chair. I guess being abnormal isn’t that bad after all…whew.

Yeah, right on Porch Dawg. I can’t quite remember the full article, but did they state at any point WHY being big and ripped and ‘dedicated’ was a problem??? What exactly was the negative point they were making?

Well…don’t you all think it is strange that in a country were media anorexia is rampant…that more than half the population is overweight…a good deal of those being obese…yet all the girls are anorexic…(allright, I am in Canada…it is not that bad yet, like a cardiovascular geneticist told me…it might be USA Today…but it’s Canada Tomorrow) Like I said to one of my old schoolmate while discussing some girl…she said, ‘‘Well, you know she used to be anorexic…’’ '‘Well you know, she should have stayed that way, ‘cause I don’t want to fuck her no more’’.

And what the hell is it with saying ''Some even take supps...'' Hell yeah, I take supps...I even popped a couple of the toned-down ripped fuel we get in Canada, and went running for 2 hours in the blistering heat...with multivits and calcium supp for the electrolytes...I take this seriously, started to see the second row of abs today...guess I should be happy with all the flab I had a couple of years ago, of the total absence of muscle I lacked a couple of months ago.

Hell, Girls are starting to notice me and smile, ain’t that a treat…Hey you girl…yeah, the one on the bench, you don’t have to turn away blushing…but I guess my self-esteem in normal level was better then the boosted version I have now…Self-esteem, energy, life extension, and overall health are just not important enough to be worth working out a couple of hours a week…

And is it me or studies show that beautiful people are happier, live longuer and have overall a better life than the ugly ones...and being muscular for a guy as always been something to strive for.

There was this obese girl in the gym yesterday and I was totally disgusted, but glad that she was at leat making an initial effort…probably gonna drop out after a month…Damn I was proud of myself, not many people can say that they are in the best shape they’ve ever been…

What greatest satisfaction then having someone you haven’t seen in a year say: Damn, what the fuck have you been! You’ve been to the gym…Ehh, yeah but you haven’t obliviously…(that’s for saying my forearms were bigger than my biceps in math class last year punk).Felt like a MasterCard moment…

Going on rambling…but it’s just that the media hence overall population is just dumb…end of sentence.


Good call Alex, I can very much relate to the way you think bud…! Cheers, Mark-AUS.

I’m sure there are people that have a problem that may show up as bigorexia or anorexia or any number of “exias” Or “holics” or addictions. That’s the human race.
Work is good, some do it to the exclusion of living a life, some gamble to excess or spend all of there time on their computer or whaterver.

The vast majority of “suppliment sucking protien eatin’ weight liftin’ water drinkin’ hard working” body builders are people driven to improvement. Often highly educated hard working students or family people who educate themselves on any endevour thay are involved in.

This gang of reprobates know more about health and nutrition than many in the medical profession. They have learned to live balanced healthy organized lives and this is reflected in their physique, their careers and often their healthy ambitious lifestyle and familes.

Ayear ago at 5’ 7" and 270# I could have jumped off a bridge. Now at 182# I feel great.
Had to become goal oriented, commited and learn to make and live a plan. It is reflected in all other aspects of my life and EARNED self esteem. I love this lifestyle because you can always come up with a new “project”, shed a bit of fat, gain a bit here or there and re-evaluate … kind of like running a business, or a family or education.



I notice that there’s no provision for feedback at abcnews.go.com. Good thing for them - means they can print any old shit and not have to deal with an opposing point of view. Well, fine. The sheeple can all read that stuff, get scared, and retreat into their paunches. It’ll serve ‘em right for being stupid. Meanwhile, I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on, and will look just that much better and be that much healthier by comparison.