What about these stacks

Since I’ve recommitted to working out. When I was off I only gained 10 pounds, but lost strength and some muscle. I’m 19 yrs old, and with a limited budget I was thinking about doing 2 different stacks. Here’s what I’m going to stack. I’m always going to be on ZMA, I’m on the anabolic diet, 1st phase(again!). For the initial carb cutting phase I’ll be on Tribex and M. Once that phase is over, and it looks like I’m coming to a halt with fat loss, I’m going to switch. I’ll be switching to Hot Rox and T2 Pro. Are these 2 ok to stack together? Thanks.

I would give Biotest a call and ask if I were you.

I recall them stating numerous times not to mix Hot Roxs with other fat burning supps. due to the fact that the ingredients may actually inhibit the effectiveness, and Hot Rox is effective alone.

I havent seen this particular stack discussed though.