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What about the NECK?


I'd hate to see all my hard work go to waste this season because of a little neck injury. But how do you train the thing?

My school has a couple of those machines that you put your head in and use your neck to move the weight or whatever but since i train at home with my own stuff I dont have one. So what other ways are there to build a strong, injury proof neck? I couldn't find any articles on it.



get a neck harness, you can get em at elitefts.com and ironmind.com i think elitefts is cheaper not sure, i like ironmind but some of their stuff tends to be a tad overpriced, like 50 bucks for a forearm roller..i made one for a nickel


If you have a neck injury start with isometircs using your hand or a small stability ball (flexion, ext., lateral flex R/L, Rotation R/L). 2 sets of 30 sec each to start with perfromed in a giant set.



I also do neck bridges both front and back. Also can train the sternocleidomastoids by lying on your back, holding a weight plate on your forehead and extending the head forward. use a conservative tempo on everything, nothing explosive.

Neck training has done wonders for me in rugby.


I have alway used neck isometrics either alone or with a partner and that has given me a pretty strong 17.75" neck.



Once long ago Pavel Tsatouline pblished some crazy neck exercises in Muscle Media I think. One of my favorites is up aganst a wall with a soccer ball. You can face forward or sideways or roll the ball along the wall all the while keeping it jammed against the wall with your neck muscles.