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What about the Dead Pool?

What did everyone think of Mat Duval’s letter in Reader’s mail this issue? Mat is going to get his Daddy to sue for him! What a wuss. I wonder if his Mommy made him some milk and cookies when he got home? By the way, does anyone know when he graduates from the eigth grade? I hope that the next time he sends in a letter, his daddy shows him how to use spell check on the computer. Mat-- it is “libel”, not “liable”! I pity today’s meatheads. I wonder if Wendy’s can find a place for him once he is “used up”? On the same note, I had to go waste $5 and pick up the latest porno issue of MD. Jay Cutler’s head is HUGE! You have got to see it. He is beginning to rival Mr. Ed.

“Who’s”; I’m glad you posted this.

That letter made me think about a LOT of things…the litigious nature of America was at the top of the list (have you guys been able to stomach all the “Fen-Fen” commercials from the “Telephone Book” Personal Injury Lawyers)…the “Wah-wah…I’m gonna sue you…you-owe-me-cause-I-spilled-coffee-on-me” mentality of America…we all know it, have seen it, and with all the posters on the Forum, I’m sure SOMEBODY has fallen victim to the “Sue Happy” nature of our great Country…oh well…

Something more profound struck me, though…many people don’t realize that these guys at “T-Mag”,(especially T.C. and Chris)are smart, educated, insightful JOURNALIST (T.C, as he’s mentioned in the past, was a Technical Writer for General Dynamics, and Chris a Professor/Instructor of English).

Well “hoop-de-doo” you may say? Well…I think that they are are journalist NOT from old school, but if you think about it, are a “Breed Apart”…cutting edge…willing to call it as it is…take the inevitable hit or two…say they are wrong if they’re wrong (which in an editorial sense, is seldom), AND do something unique…show a LOT of class when responding to a letter like Duval’s.

I tell you…I follow the Iron Game closely, and I really had to do some SEARCHING to figure out all those “Dead Pool” guys… and STILL didn’t get them all! I think Duval hurt his cause more than helped it by blowing a gasket and crying “sue” when the majority of people either couldn’t figure out who he was are didn’t really give a shit when they DID find out who he was.

Hope this get’s posted (I understand the sensitivity of being threatened with being sued)…but I hope that all the reader’s of “Testosterone” realize that they have free access to a VERY unique and Class Act group of Journalist…


Kinda off topic, but did you think this year’s dead pool wasn’t as entertaining as the last few? I mean, the author hadn’t done much research at all, and there were several entries where like, “uh, this dude’s really big and bald, he must be ready to fall over dead”. I still found it interesting, but I was kinda wanting the AM radio, talkshow sleaz. Something like, “this pro placed in the top 6 of the big 3 tournies last year, and has a rap sheet a mile long. He has been busted for X, cocaine, but steriods only once…” Maybe it’s just me, but I think everybody likes some good jucy gosip now and then.

I went and looked at the whiney boy’s pictures… I thought he was in his late 30’s! oh yeah, he’s all natural, training for 16 years… in what? how to inject? whatEVER

Poor baby.

I train hard also, but i'm no where near 315.guess I'm a hard gainer. LOL

WYD, as much as I enjoyed your post, you libelously and slendoroniously used my copyrighted terminatorology by citing Jay Cutler’s resemblence to a horse, or aquestrian entity thereof. If you have not already noticized my “My Morning at Musclemag” post, I suggest that you look into it. I cleerly compare and contrast one Frank Sepe to a horse, even going so far as to make an illeterashun to Reg Park and Mr. Ed (whom you alluded too) having an offspring. I demand vindickashun for these greevus errers. Thank yuo.

Yours and yo momma’s,


MBE: “America’s favourite Supplement whore since 1855.”


Not trying to defend Duvall but he never claimed that he was natural in fact he mentioned “science” playing a part in bodybuilding he was upset about the claims that he injects Synthol which is not a steroid

While I mauy disdagree with Mat DVall - cut him some slack, his response was pretty polite and level-headed. Would you or would you not feel somewhat rankled if you read a piece that essentially cast your character into doubt in a international forum?

Anyway, Consider; he made no threats, he didn’t question TC or Tim’s parentage, personal habits or sexual practises - kinda a nice change really.

He mentioned Libel. OK. At least he would have a reasonable cause for a defamatory case [if the allegations were proved untrue] as opposed to a case based on someone tripping over their own two feet adn blaming the council for a crack in the pavement. And one minor spelling mistake isn’t so bad, especially since “liable” is an actual word adn any spellcheck would miss it. [Hell most spellchecks are out of date immediately anyway]

Anyway, cut him some slack, at least he acted like a grown up.

MBE, You are the originator of the “Mr. Ed” comparison. Please don’t get Mat’s lawyers to pursue me for my infringement oversights! Possibly I should have said that JC was a horse’s ass for what he is doing to his head and body. Come to think of it, Jay’s head looks like a giant thumb print with a smiley face on it. Take a look at his toes in the issue of MD. He looks like a primate! An orangutan with a foot fetish would be all over him like white on rice. (Nothing against the tree swingers!)
WYD? “Singing and swinging since my rhyme be jingling” since the dawn of time

Rafael, your post reminds me of those old cigarette ads Mickey Mantle used to pose for. The man was a role model for kids, yet he was offered a lot of money to have his picture taken holding a cigarette. Money Talks!

Unfortunately, Legally it is Libel