What About Sprinters

this is mainly driven out of pure curiocity and not an urge to use AAS’s myself (not yet anyway)


what kind of cycles do sprinters do, and with what goals in mind?

as far as i understand, sprinters tend to use fairly low doses of mostly orals, low doses because what they actually need from steroids is the CNS potency and not full blown hypertrophy. Orals because they have smaller clearence times. I am also guessing that very estrogenic compounds would be avoided? Water retention and bloat is a no-no for a sprinter, so that leaves aromatizing drugs like d-bol out of the equesion. What about PCT?

the only cycle info i know is for ben johnson coming from CF, but the info is VERY vague, he said that initially he was using d-bol at 10mg and 15mg for three weeks on three off. He was olso using furanzabol (miotolan if im not mistaken?) but no doses and/or pct is described

is that about right? Obviously elites would use designer drugs so leave them out, or in any case talk about them as if testing was not an issue

i think ben johnson got busted for stanzolol… or maybe deca.

but ya sprinters are probably gonna wanna use steroids with minimal water retention, or at least take measures to seriously reduce water retention when on edem-ainducing types of gear by monitoring their diets carefully and taking their anti-estrogens.

ben was indeed cought for stanozolol, though acording to CF he wasnt using it, he was using furanzabol which was undetectable at the time.

the thing is, that anti estrogens are detected most of the time, which kind of limits the PCT sprinters can do, not to mention the use of HCG is prety much out of the question, too long a clearence time (or am i talking out of my ass here?)

also, long esters cant be used, for obvious reasons.

so what is left?

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If I were a sprinter, I’d use anavar…Probably to the tune of 30mg/d…No bloat, increased cns activity, no aromatization, increased creatine phosphate synthesis.


Athlete’s such as sprinter’s, in my personal experience use drugs such as;

Test Prop (2 week detection time - great strength gains, can keep dosages low, low conversion rates, little bloat)

Anavar (3 Week Detection Time - long term quality strength gains, easy on the sides!)

Andriol (Approx 1 wk detection time, although increase in incidents of bloating leave this a personal preference)

Test Susp (Around 3-5 days detection time - awesome strength gains, but heavy bloat, pretty harsh and quite heavy comedown)

But the biggest ones by far at the moment are IGF, HGH, MGF and insulin.
Out of competition, very rarely tested for due to the cost of tests themselves (alledgedly around $2,000 for a test for IGF!) And insulin is impossible to detect (realistically) anyway!

Just my 2 cents.


I have heard that Ben got caught cause he had to wait too long at the airport, could not eat, lipid mobilisation being greater, lead to the substance being more detectable in the bloodstream for a few days.

Anybody has more specific info about that?

what is MGF?

after some research they tend to use check drops also before the night before

and obviously the big names designer steroids