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What about Haycock/Think Muscle post workout ideas?

I was curious as to a comparison of the T-mag post workout drink to Haycock at Think Muscle’s idea that you should consume about most (about 75%) of your daily protein intake post workout and eat high carbs and low but good fats the rest of the day.

Cy Willson wrote something like that once. I think he said 50% after training, though.

I like Bryan’s work but my research has indicated that those high levels just dont make sense. I eat 400g per day. So that would mean that I would eat 300g in the post workout period! A bit ridiculous, huh? The studies Bryan uses for justification were done in fat, old women who didnt lift weights or exercise. It showed that they retained more protein when protein “pulse” feeding vs normal protein feedings. When they repeated the study in young women, there was no difference between the protein patterns. My issue with this suggestion is that INSULIN is key to recovering after training. By taking lots of protein, you are releasing loads of glucagon which actually antagonizes the effects of insulin to make it less effective. Glucagon also causes the conversion of aminos to glucose. Not ideal either.

I hoped that the article in question would stimulate some thinking, which I think it did. I agree with John B that it is impracticle for a large bodybuilder to eat so much protein in one sitting. I still feel that a large amount of protein should be consumed within a couple hours after training (in 2 meals)…This is nothing new though.