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What about Diet Dr. Pepper? The caffeine saga continues

Okay, I am not going to fall into all the recent paranoia about caffeine. I will still use my E/C on cutting phases and pre-workouts. I am, however, going to try and minimize or eliminate other sources like my diet Coke. So what about caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper? I’ve found that I really like the stuff. If I’m drinking 3-6 of these a day, does anyone know of any problems as far as insulin resistance or any other side effects? Thanks in advance!

Well, if there’s no caffeine then there’s no problem, except for the sodium content which bothers some people. The question is, is it really caffeine free or is it like some decaf coffees which have some caffeine (see coffee thread).

I dont care what people say about caffiene. As Ian King would do, im going with my personal experiences. Ive never had a problem with caffeine and weight loss. I recently went from 245 to 226 drinking a two liter of Pepsi One a day. Im addicted to it and i will continue to drink it until they stop making it.

Just thought of something. Coffee naturally has caffeine and it has to be removed for decaf, an iffy process as has been discussed on other threads. Soft drinks have caffeine added, right? (To replace the cocaine that was originally used.) So if that’s the case, then caffeine free soft drinks should really be caffeine free. BTW, my market didn’t carry one brand of caffeine free soda and it’s a big market. I like those flavored carbonated waters better anyway. No caffeine, no calories, if you don’t mind the artifical sweetener. I could live on Sam’s brand black cherry.

I didn’t read the article, but it sounds like John missed some important points.

  1. Caffeine probably isn’t going to mess your insulin resistence on it’s own. Especially if its used for resonable amounts of time. ie. cycling.
  2. There are many other things that can screw with insulin resistence. Such as lack of cardio, staying on a low carb diet too long, and overeating sugar. Caffeine is just one of these things.
  3. Put this knowledge in your toolbox of information and remember the old saying…Everything in moderation.