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What about Combining Test Undecanoate powder with Androsol?

I can get Testosterone Undecanoate powder. Would I get good results mixing it in with a bottle of Androsol and spraying it on? Or would the testosterone not be absorbed through the skin. Also, would it be better to mix with only isopropyl alcohol instead of Androsol?

If this is a good method of delivery, how much testosterone undecanate should be mixed with the Androsol or isopropyl alcohol? How much would I have to spray on to get the results of 500mg’s per week of injectable test? Thanks

The transdermal bioavailability of testosterone undecanoate would be absolutely terrible, due to its being insoluble in water. Also, unlike 4-AD, it would not bond to your skin in a tight film, but would just sit there as an oil.